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Wisdom From a Furry Friend: A Very Special Gentleman named Connor

Wisdom From a Furry Friend
A Very Special Gentleman named Connor

Hi. My name is Connor. I am a five year old male Beagle that lives at the Humane Society of Washington County. I was a stray. I guess I got lost because I am a very good hunting dog and I must have gotten on the trail of something and couldn't find my way home.
I am what you would call a special needs dog. I had an injury to my left eye before I came to the Humane Society and now I can't see out of it. It doesn't hurt or anything and in true Beagle style I still get around really well. I love to go for walks and I am very good on lead. I also love to play and I am very confident, independent and outgoing. I am really good with children and would love to have some children to play with me. I do like to talk a lot, but that is the way Beagles are. We are just letting you know what we are thinking about. I would love to have a nice back yard to run around in and a family to call my own. Why don't you come see me? I know if you meet me you will think I am just grand!
You know, now that spring is here you need to be aware of a couple of things. It is very important for you to spay and neuter your pets. During spring the number of unwanted litters of cats and dogs, but especially cats, increases dramatically. Did you know that cats as young as 4 months of age can have kittens? It's true. And those cats can get pregnant again just 4 weeks after they have had kittens. So you need to stop this cycle of unwanted litters and have your cats spayed or neutered to reduce the numbers of unwanted litters of kittens.
Also, please keep your cats safe inside your house and your dogs safe inside their own yard. And when you go for a walk with your dog keep him or her on a leash. I love to go for walks but I wasn't on a leash when I found something to follow and I started to run and I ran and ran and ran. Well, then I couldn't remember how to get home.
And when you walk your dog, remember to be a good neighbor and clean up after him or her. It is the courteous thing to do. And it helps to reduce the spread of disease to other dogs and people.
So, please remember to be a good pet parent and spay and neuter your pets, take them for nice walks but remember to keep them on a leash and clean up after them. I would love to enjoy nice long walks with you so please come to meet me and I can join your family. Remember, my name is Connor (A04200275).

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown Ph: 301-733-2060. Fax: 301-733-0248.

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