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Life By Design - Living the Life You Really Want
Follow Through

(ITALICS)"I am in a situation where I know what I want to do and how to do it but I can not seem to follow through on my intentions. I get started and feel great about what I am doing. I get all excited and vow this time to really follow through. But soon the same thing happens - I just fade away. I can't seem to stick with my good plan and my good intentions. What should I do?"(END)
There are many reasons for not following through - perhaps the goal is not right for you. Maybe you don't have the resources you need. Maybe you think you want to reach your goal but are actually being pushed into doing something you think you should do but don't really want to do. Maybe you already have too much on your plate and can't take on any more.
But let's assume that it is none of those but it is just a lack of ability to follow through.
Our brains are hard wired to be alert for the things that are threatening to us. We are not hard wired for following through on things that don't seem to be an emergency right now.
To override this natural tendency to act only on things that seem to be important in the moment you can trick your brain into following through more naturally by using some strategically thought out "will power tricks".
Don't let yourself stay caught in a downward spiral of doing the same old things. Train yourself to notice right away when your commitment is beginning to slip and master two or three key "will power tricks" to get your brain back on track so that you do what you say you want to do.
Here is my favorite "Will Power Tricks" (found in my online e-course The Way of Change) that I give my coaching clients - and I use all the time myself.
Just Do It. Start Now
Begin where you are.
Maybe you want to start attending your children's sports activities but it's late - if you leave now the game will be almost over when you get there.
Go anyway.
Don't wait for the perfect time, the perfect place, or the perfect mood. You don't have to start your new life on a Monday. If you have missed every day but today, start today. If you are only going to get to hear the last 5 minutes of the lecture - go anyway.
Forward movement begets more forward movement. Going anyway begins the momentum you need to keep pulling you forward. And every time you "just do it" the next time is more familiar - and easier.
Master this and other "will power tricks" to use whenever you find yourself not doing what you say you want to do and celebrate and acknowledge yourself every time you do follow through - soon the struggle with following through will fade away.

Mary Ann Copson, founder of Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women, is
Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients better manage their moods and
energy.; 434-263-4996.

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