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Simplify Travel With Directions, Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Simplify Travel With Directions, Entertainment at Your Fingertips

(NewsUSA)- If you are planning to hit the country's scenic highways and byways this summer, you might discover that your most trusted travel companion is one that fits right into your pocket.
Today's new generation of portable GPS navigators, such as the Mio DigiWalker H610, do far more in helping you make the most of your trip than a basic paper roadmap ever could.
With real-time, voice-guided directions to almost any address in the U.S. and Canada, the DigiWalker H610 allows you to find your destination quickly and easily. Also helpful are the additional 11 million points of interest loaded onto the device that steer travelers to nearby hotels, ATMs, gas stations, state parks, restaurants and more.
With all the necessary accessories, cables and a car mount included, it can be installed in a car, but its compact size - about the size of a deck of cards - means you can carry it wherever you go. The navigator has separate modes for walking and driving, so you can use it to find your destination by car, then take it with you on a walking tour of the city you are visiting.
It also comes with a three-year subscription to WorldMate, a bundle of travel tools that includes such features as a world weather forecaster and a currency converter, ensuring that you're never caught without an umbrella or with a surprise on your credit card bill upon returning home.
What's unique about the DigiWalker H610, however, is that it is also a digital media player, making it easy to enjoy your digital music, video and all the photos you take on your trip. It also comes loaded with several games to help you pass the time while waiting for your triple skim latte at the corner coffee shop.
It is available through,, and other electronics retailers and sells for around $500. Visit for more information.

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