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Maryland Police Chiefs Announce Support for Use of Automated Speed Enforcement

Maryland Police Chiefs Announce Support for Use of Automated Speed Enforcement

(Columbia, MD)- The Maryland Chiefs of Police Association, representing the interests of Maryland's law enforcement community passed a resolution supporting Automated Speed Enforcement at their January 16th Executive Committee meeting. Today, the association sent a letter to lawmakers in Annapolis urging them to support a bill expanding the use of automated speed enforcement technologies. Senate Bill 269, recently introduced by the Maryland Department of Transportation, would grant authority to local municipalities to install speed cameras.
The MCPA supports the IACP automated speed enforcement guidelines and policy considerations which were created to assist in the development of legislation, policy, and program plans, as well as to guide implementation and operational activities.
Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) utilizes cameras to document a vehicular speed violation. A vehicle passing one of the camera locations above the determined threshold speed is subjected to a series of photographs to document the violation. The photographs are then processed and the license plate is reviewed to identify the registered owner. The owner is sent the citation, which includes copies of the violation photos and the marked vehicle speed.
Montgomery County has been using speed cameras near schools and in residential areas since early 2007, and has issued 210,000 citations. The county is currently collecting data to determine if speeds in general have been reduced as a result of installing the cameras in 15 locations. According to Montgomery County Police, results should be available later this year.
The MCPA membership serve as champions in promoting highway safety, and the implementation of automated speed enforcement is another tool for law enforcement to use in its efforts to improve public safety and the quality of life for Maryland residents. *Cut to fit.

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