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Fish News: Meeting: Fishery Management Issues

Fish News
Meeting: Fishery Management Issues

Our next meeting will be on April 15. Jim Donofrio will visit us and make a brief presentation about fishery management issues. Our featured speaker is Darren Foster who will speak to us about fishing for tautog. Darren is one of the most knowledgeable anglers around.
You may also wish to mark April 25th and 26th on your calendar. Dr. Guy Harvey is coming to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science for a benefit Art Show and Auction. For details, visit:
Mar. 23, Mac McCormick and Bill Prillaman fished the James River Bridge. They caught and released rockfish and even caught a catfish.
Mar. 22, Ric Burnley and his kayak buddies spent another night at the HRBT. They experienced great catch and release action with rockfish up to 40 inches long.
Mar. 12, Ric Burnley took his kayak out to the HRBT. In the light-line, they found large rockfish stacked up. Ric's largest fish was 38 inches long though he said that he lost some larger fish at boat side.
Mar. 11, Brandon Honeycutt headed out to the Norfolk Canyon for what was supposed to be an over-nighter. Problems with one of their engines forced them to come in early. They did manage a good catch of blackbelly rosefish and sea bass before heading back in.
Mar. 10, we ran back out to the tilefish grounds. We brought back a limit of blueline tilefish including one, which weighed in at 18 pounds. We also caught a bunch of 3-4 pound sea bass, some bluefish, and a very few dog sharks.
Mar. 10, Capt. Max King ran out of Oregon Inlet. They trolled for tuna and picked up an 80-pound bluefin tuna. They then did some bottom fishing and caught a limit of tilefish, some sea bass, and an amberjack.
Mar. 6, Mike Avery, Brian Gross, and Brandon Honeycutt fished the Cape Henry area. They brought home a limit of rockfish in the 35 to 44 inch range.
Mar. 6, Barclay Shepard fished the Tower Reef. They caught some keeper sea bass and tautog in the 21-inch range.

Dr. Ken Neill, III writes a weekly column for The Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association (

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