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Horse Of The Month: Patti

Patti, a 24 year old former therapeutic riding horse, is being honored as the November 2004 Horse of the Month at the Ranger Foundation of Greenbriar Farm in Keedysville, Maryland. The Percheron-cross mare was retired to the farm in March 2002 from Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy, Inc. in Chester County, PA.
Patti was bred as a work horse in the Amish country and likely had a rough life before she came into the hands of a veterinarian. Somewhere along the way she lost a portion of her tongue. It is a testament to her docile nature that this hard early life did not sour her personality. She was eventually donated to the therapeutic riding school to give lessons to people with disabilities.
Patti took on her new job with great seriousness. Hope Springs was soon the envy of other therapeutic riding centers. Because of her strength, Patti could carry many of the adults that were too heavy for the other, smaller horses. But with her gentle nature, she could also carry smaller children, especially those whose disabilities demanded a horse with a smooth, steady gait and a wide back to give them a better sense of support
Several years ago, Patti’s back started giving her trouble, and it was obvious that carrying riders was uncomfortable for her. Despite chiropractic treatment, it was decided that she would be retired to the Ranger Foundation. Patti still has a lot of life to her, and is the perfect horse with which to teach horse care at the Ranger Foundation. The more attention she gets, the happier she is.
The Ranger Foundation is a non-profit retirement home for horses that have served people either as police horses, military horses, or therapeutic riding horses. Its mission is to give quality care in a peaceful setting to these horses. The organization is entirely staffed by volunteers.
Each month sponsors are sought for the horses, either as individuals or businesses. Sponsorships are $100/month, which covers feed, supplements, veterinarian, farrier, and dentist. There are also half-sponsorships of $50 a month available, as well as $1,000 donations which count for one full year. Businesses and distant individual sponsors will receive periodic reports and photos of their horses, nearby sponsors may visit and care for their horse. Patti is fully sponsored. Learn more about The Ranger Foundation and sponsoring a horse like Patti at our website

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