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Travel Happiness/Give Yourself A Special Gift This Holiday Season-Williamsburg, Virginia

by Art Richards

Many folks have traveled to nearby Williamsburg, Virginia, a town steeped in centuries of tradition. Here the holidays are celebrated with fanfare and fireworks...and there is plenty to see and do within walking distance of your hotel. You’ll enjoy the relaxed pace, discover new ways to celebrate and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Here, the candles flicker in the windows. Carolers gather on the streets and holiday traffic amounts to a horse-drawn carriage or two. Husbands and wives revisit a simpler, more romantic era. Kids take a break from video games and discover a world full of music and singing, special shows and readings, and sports and games that they never knew existed. And...entire families find countless ways to reunite, reconnect and rejoice in the spirit of the season.
Witness the awesome spectacle of the Grand Illuminations; attend an unforgettable Capital Concert or march along to the thunderous cadence of the world-renowned Fife and Drums. Enjoy a Holiday Feast at a colonial tavern while being serenaded by strolling balladeers, treat the kids to a rousing theatrical production of Toyland or put your best foot forward at dance. Get a close-up look at rare antiquities, toys and artwork at the three museums. Or you can even learn a few holiday decorating tricks from the design experts.
Dining in Williamsburg is something very special. There is nothing like a candlelit dinner in an 18th-Century Tavern to take you away from 21st-century concerns.
Enjoy a true “taste of history” during your visit by having a meal at one of the four historic dining taverns, where the favorite foods of the colonists are still on the menu along with some modern interpretations. Whether you prefer seafood, vegetarian dishes or heartier fare, you’re sure to find something that will please your palate. There are a number of special festive dinners throughout the holiday season to enjoy. There is a Holiday Tea at Campbell’s Tavern; Christmas breakfast at a Colonial Williamsburg Tavern, Christmas Eve Dinner, an evening with Thomas Jefferson or an evening with Dickens. One must is the Grand Illumination dinner with fireworks and celebrations in the Historical area. I love the names for some of the special meal features such as the Groaning Board and Holiday Feast. It would be nice to attend the New Year’s Eve Party. Sounds like a person could easily eat himself through the holiday season!
A Williamsburg Holiday includes lodging along with special events such as dinners, entertainment venues, and sightseeing as well as time for independent explorations. This unique destination is great for young and old alike-simply a wonderful way for families to come together at this family time of year!
Richards is the owner of Richards World Travel, Inc. (

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