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Foster Care Program Outgrows Office, Relocates

Foster Care Program Outgrows Office, Relocates

Boonsboro-San Mar Children's Home on Mapleville Road is expanding its services and moving its offices to 10233 Governor Lane Boulevard, Williamsport, MD.
A public open house will be held February 22, from 2 to 5pm in the new offices.
The program's former office space in our Learning Center is just too small to accommodate our expanding services, said Bruce T. Anderson, chief executive officer.
In recent months, the foster care program received state approval to serve 10 additional children, due to need in the local community. The program can now serve 35 children.
This is the first time a program has been moved off the San Mar campus, which was established in 1927 when the Washington County Orphan's Home moved from South Potomac Street, in Hagerstown, where it had been since its founding 125 years ago in 1883, Anderson noted.
In 1981, no longer an orphanage the home, was named after the local San Mar Community where it was located.
The move from the San Mar campus to the larger leased space in Williamsport, will be temporary, Anderson said. The program is expected to return to the campus in a few years after construction of a multi-purpose building. The new building will enable San Mar to more effectively respond to the needs of children and youth in cane.
Proceeds from San Mar's House, Car and Cash raffle now in progress will go toward that project, Anderson said. Details about the raffle can be found on-line at
"The new office space looks a bit different than when the building was occupied by Fleetwood Motor Homes, said Ellen Savory, director, who has been with the program since its inception in 1991. "The formerly neutral colored walls are now a Crayon box of colors-from purples to yellows to blues and greens," Savoy explained. "We want our offices to be as child friendly as possible."
Volunteers, community groups, fosters parents and staff did much of the painting at the new offices. Several volunteers from Leadership Washington County spent a recent Saturday painting and assembling furniture donated by Staples.
"A tremendous amount of love in action transformed this building into a welcoming home for our foster care program," Savory said, adding her special thanks to thanks to and extensive list of individuals.
San Mar established its Treatment Foster Care Program 1991. In those 17 years, nearly 200 children have been placed with foster parents.
"Our foster parents are highly trained and dedicated individuals who provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing home for children ages birth through 18," Savoy explained. "The parents come from all walks of life, including two parent or single parent households.
The Treatment Foster Care Program helps troubled children and their families heal through integrated services that include ongoing assessment, therapy, and home visits by caseworkers.
Some children in the foster care program will return to their natural homes after a period in foster care. Others may be adopted by their foster families, go on to another program, or reach the age where they can live independently.

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