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Are Your Cleaning Products Poisoning You?

Are Your Cleaning Products Poisoning You?

(NewsUSA)- Are we poisoning our homes when we clean? The National Research Council notes that only 1 percent of toxins must be listed on cleaning products' labels because formulas are classified as "trade secrets." However, animal testing by the National Toxicology Program has shown that some non-listed chemicals found in everyday household cleaners cause reproductive problems and even cancer.
The best defense against illness is to choose non-toxic cleaning solutions. Unelko's 1-Step Clean & Shield ( offers a non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to harsh cleaning products and is the only surface care product on the market that protects surfaces from bacterial recontamination with an organic barrier.
A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine attributes 15 percent of asthma cases to chemicals found in household cleaning products.
"Small children, especially babies, are highly sensitive to toxic chemicals used on surfaces," says Dr. Andrew Sagan, Medical Director of the Pediatric Clinic in Chicago.
The chemical-free Shark Steam Mop uses the power of steam to deep-clean floors, creating a safer home environment. The lightweight Steam Mop ( eliminates the need to carry a heavy bucket, preventing strain on shoulders and backs.
Exposure to toxic chemicals isn't the only problem.
"Carrying heavy vacuums, repeatedly bending and improperly pushing a vacuum can result in serious strain or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)," says physical therapist Kathryn Kassai, owner of Praxis Physical Therapy.
Holistic Clinic lists MSDs among the most prevalent medical problems, affecting 7 percent of people and accounting for 14 percent of physician visits and 19 percent of hospital stays.
Try the Shark Cordless VX3 (, an electric sweeper with a bendable "backsaver" handle that picks up what vacuums can't, such as glass or paperclips, and reaches under furniture with a quick flex of the handle.
"I would recommend the Shark Cordless VX3," adds Kassai. "It makes it easy for you to maintain good body mechanics and posture and you no longer have to bend to pick up messes."
Other tips to avoid injury: Stretch before and after cleaning, lift laundry baskets with your knees, and avoid kneeling to scrub tubs or floors.

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