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Fish News/“Flapping Flounder”

by Dr. Ken Neill, III

Oct. 11, Darren Foster and Jim Thomas did some speckled trout fishing in Back River. In a couple of hours, they caught 39 trout casting Storms. No giants but plenty of keepers. They did not keep any however. All were released to be caught another day.
Oct. 10, Charles Southall and Doug Roper fished with the fleet at buoy 11. They had their limit of flounder by 9:30. Most of the fish were over 20 inches. Their largest was 25.5 inches and it weighed in at 6.5 pounds.
Stephen Powell and I fished the buoy 11 area for a few hours. We ended up with a box of 20-23 inch flounder. Stevie caught the big fish of the day. It was 26.5 inches long. On my Boga Grip, it weighed a bit under 7 pounds. Now Stevie had a decision to make. He had never registered a flounder citation and he wanted one bad. On the other hand, he had laughed when a release was made for flounder and had said that we would never see him releasing a 26 inch flounder. Not only did I see it, I have it on film. Charles Southall also witnessed the dirty deed from his boat. Now we wonder what is next for Stevie, yellowfin or wahoo release?
Oct. 9, I ran offshore with Stephen Powell and Julie Ball. There was good looking water to the north and south but there had been a decent tuna bite, both yellowfin and bluefin, straight east. Also, Julie had not registered a citation false albacore yet and I knew there were plenty around.
We joined the albacore fleet near the 400 line in 30 fathoms. I lost count of how many of these things that she cranked in and I lost count of how many ballyhoo we fed to these pest but in the end, Julie did release two 32 inch fish for citations. In the fleet, 2 yellowfins, 1 wahoo, and 3500 false albacore had been caught. I was really looking for a bluefin without any success. We went to the Ocean Venture and caught some decent seabass until we started bringing up seabass heads. Then we started catching 10 pound bluefish. When we got tired of them, we ran to the Consols to try for triggerfish. We caught seabass up to 4 pounds.
Capt. Nolan Agner took a charter offshore. There was good loking water in the Washington Canyon so off he went. They came back with a 58 pound yellowfin and 36 dolphin up to 22 pounds.
Oct. 4, I did some wreck hopping. I caught decent sized seabass on the Tiger, Santore, and Ricks. Spadefish were on the surface everywhere I went. Trolling spoons around the Chesapeake Light Tower, I caught a number of king mackerel in the 36 inch range and false albacore up to 32 inches.
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