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Are Your Protecting Your Good Name?

Are Your Protecting Your Good Name?

(NewsUSA)- Every year we see technological breakthroughs, medical advancements and various records set, but these new highs aren't always for the better. Did you know, for example, that 2006 marked one of the worst years for identity theft with a more than $1 trillion price tag accrued by these criminals?
Since January of 2005, more than 217 million people have received notification that their personal information has been lost or taken from company databases. And considering the Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft victims spend an average of 300 to 600 hours restoring their identity, individuals need to be more aware of steps they can take to safeguard their personal information.
"Everyone who has a social security number needs to take the necessary steps to make their personal information useless to anyone but themselves," said Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock. "That is the only way to really remove the threat of becoming a victim of this crime."
Here are a few steps you can take to protect your identity:
* Invest in a shredder. It is important to shred any documents, mail or printed materials with your personal information on it. From old checks to pre-approved credit card offers and materials with account information, take steps to safely discard this information.
* Regularly check your credit report. Various companies make it easy and inexpensive to obtain a copy of your credit report. It is important to check this on a regular basis, and look for mysterious activity.
* Enlist help. LifeLock, the industry leader in identity theft protection, safeguards your personal information and backs this service with a $1 million guarantee, can help you prevent identity theft. By using a proven system that forces banks to contact individuals and request answers to a series of security questions prior to issuing credit, removing client names from pre-approved credit card lists and various other securities, LifeLock is able to prevent the problems and worries associated with identity theft. "This company began from a thought that there has to be a way in which consumers can protect themselves from becoming victims," said Davis. "That simple thought has grown into this unique company that has already saved numerous people from this crime and the frustration that comes with it."
* Protect your children. Of the millions of Americans who have fallen victim of identity theft, 5 to 7 percent have been under the age of 18. Because children do not have credit established, they are new in the system, and their file is not flagged should someone be using their information. Not to mention, this crime often goes unnoticed until the child is old enough to seek credit or apply for a job or college loans. As a result, it is important to include your children in your identity theft measures.
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