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Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! A Beacon of Hope!

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
A Beacon of Hope!

By William L. Bulla

I guess it was love at first sight! I thought she was such a beautiful lady when I first saw her! And, as I saw her recently on a trip to New York, I still think that, after all those years!
But it was more than just her physical beauty! It was her ideals! It was the beliefs she represented! Her gentleness! Her arms seemed always ready to sweep you up in a big hug! To express!
Yes, I fell in love with her many years ago, and I am still in love with her. But, then that is true of many people I know. They all love her with a passion. She has held a light for many as they have come out of the darkness and despair seeking her. She has greeted thousands in New York Harbor as people have migrated to the shores of America.
But, Miss Liberty is more than just a statue! More than just a symbol of America! She is a beacon of hope..."protection" love!
My first contact with her was as a child. My mother showed me a picture of the Statue of Liberty in an old history book. I thought she was beautiful. As my mother told me about her, I fell in love. I fell in love with what she represented. Over my childhood, I was interested in the history of our country, and what Miss Liberty represented. It made an impact on my life at an early age. And, just a couple of months past my eighteenth birthday, Miss Liberty, and all she represented, was threatened by the bombing of Pearl Harbor. So, with many of my high school classmates, I enlisted in the Armed Services. I came home. Many did not.
Since that war, we have seen other events where our lovely lady has been threatened. We have seen other young men fighting for her in many lands. Miss Liberty grieves that so many fail to return home to their other loved ones. She is ever grateful for their dedication and love they have expressed for her. She still stands with her arm extended skyward holding a torch...a welcoming light for those seeking the liberty of living a decent life. And they still arrive, accepting that welcome. Let' s hope those coming in now are as willing to defend her as their predecessors were.
Fighting for those issues for which she stands can be done in our everyday living. Many have joined forces with neighbors to do this. They fight by contributing to those issues and values Liberty represents. Volunteers in our country are working to raise funds to be used by local agencies to help people in need, people with health issues, hunger, and seeking shelter, issues facing children, seniors, and the disabled. And it is so with volunteers at Habitat for Humanity. They strive to provide decent, affordable housing for those in need. They are reaching out like Miss Liberty to offer a hand-up to low-income families willing to put in 500-hours of "sweat equity" building a home. A home they will be allowed to purchase with a no-profit, no-interest loan, making payments they can afford.
Yes, Miss Liberty is a beacon of hope "protection" love! But, then too, so is Habitat for Humanity! It is an organization extending its arm in comfort and compassion for those seeking a better life like that symbol of America, Miss Liberty!
So as we approach the year 2008, would you join those of us fighting for those issues she represents? If so, please call your local Habitat office at 301-797-9009 to volunteer or pledge monetary support.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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