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Send a Hometown Soldier Holiday Cheer

Send a Hometown Soldier Holiday Cheer

(NewsUSA)- Have you ever spent the holidays away from home? You probably missed the easy conversation among family and friends, the delectable holiday delights and the sheer spirit of the season that you grew up with.
With approximately 1.4 million service men and women active in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard, Navy, Marines and Reserves, hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers will spend the holiday season far away from home.
You don't have to know a soldier overseas to brighten their holiday this season. Treats for Troops' Foster-A-Soldier program helps you locate a soldier from your home state to send packages to. You can also select a soldier based on branch of service, gender, area of deployment or even by birthday.
From holiday feasts and festive cookies and candies, to stockings filled with goodies, you can send a variety of themed care packages their way. And if you're the practical type, Treats for Troops also offers a wide range of themed packages and individual items that range from phone cards and toiletries, to comfy socks and hot cocoa mix.
A thankful soldier from Knoxville, Tenn., who was especially touched to hear from someone in his home state said, "The package I received from Knoxville was particularly special because I'm from Knoxville, and I have quite a bit of family in Nashville."
If you or your group or organization would like to sponsor several soldiers, Treats for Troops has units available that range in size from less than a dozen to more than 500 soldiers. Your group can make supporting the troops a holiday project this year. You provide the budget, and the group gift department can take care of everything else, including suggesting gifts, helping to create a personal or company message, and making sure you get any thank-you notes sent by the soldiers who received your packages.
For more information about how you can brighten a soldier's holiday away from home with a care package, visit

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