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Fish News: Membership Dues & Logging Your Catches

Fish News
Membership Dues & Logging Your Catches

Many anglers keep a log of their catches. This allows them to spot patterns which may help them find fish on future trips. These logs were originally done with pen and paper. Then came the computer and there are many different computer programs we can use to keep track of our catches. Now local anglers have a couple of web-based log books which we can use for free. One can be found at: . You can record details of your catch and your catch location will be shown on a chart. You can choose to make this information public or you can keep it private. Another site can be found at: . Again, you can choose whether or not to share with other anglers. Check them out and give them a spin.
It is time to pay your dues for your 2008 membership. Dues will remain at $30 for your family membership. Nelson Ortiz is still in charge of membership until January 1 when he will give up those duties to become our new club president. Yea Nelson! Mac and Ruth McCormick will be taking over the membership duties at that time.
Reserve February 29 on your calendar. That is when we will be having our annual awards banquet. It is always a fun night. You won't want to miss it!
Dec. 2, I drifted eels off of the Concrete Ships. I only caught 4 fish but they all were over 40 inches. The biggest was 46 inches long. I had a couple of other bites which did not come tight. I was fishing two down rods, one free line, and one cork. Three of the fish came on down rods and the largest on the free line.
Dec. 2, Charles Southall fished over at Plantation Light. They trolled and drifted eels. They caught more fish on the troll. They caught a big fish with each method. They caught a 45 inch fish on a drifted eel and a 46 inch fish on the troll.
Dec. 2, Bob Manus fished at Plantation Light. They had no luck with drifted eels except for spiny dogfish. They did better on the troll catching plenty of school-sized fish. Their largest was 38 inches long.
Nov. 30, Robert Smith eeled the high rise. They only caught one fish but it was a nice one at 46 inches long.
Nov. 30, Ric Burnley fished the Concrete Ships in his kayak. Drifting eels, he managed 4 big rockfish to 45 inches long.
Nov. 29, Richard Bartlett caught a couple of bluefin tuna at 26 Mile Hill. Later, he hooked and pulled off another one near the Triangle Wrecks. Three bites for the day.
Nov. 28, Bob Allen, Jack Lawson, and Bob Diggs wire-lined 19 rockfish at the HRBT.

Dr. Ken Neill, III writes a weekly column for The Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association (

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