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Want World Peace? Clean Up Your Body!

Want World Peace? Clean Up Your Body!

I ask you, "How can we have a stable society if our bodies are not stable?"
Toxins from dental amalgams continually plague us. Water "purifying agents" constantly poison us. Toxins from our environment are not only prevalent but also seemingly permanent. We use toxic chemicals to treat our crops and toxic chemicals to clean our homes. Vaccinations leave us vulnerable instead of protected. Soil mineral depletion has nutrient availability handicapped before we even put foods in our mouths.
We quite literally process the nutrients right out of our foods. Our methods of cooking destroy the food's quality. Most of the foods in our society are just plain bad for us. Most of us have "absorption problems" leaving our bodies deficient of essential nutrients. Many of us continue to take in toxic chemicals through smoking, and many of us do not get enough exercise. Most of us are at effect of chronic disease, which is so prevalent that it is now held as acceptable and normal. We've developed a mass-market food production/distribution system that is more dedicated to shelf life than to human life. And allopathic medicine's answers to our problems lead us further into chaos.
So is it possible to turn all of this around? Yes it is possible, and our very future may depend on us doing so.
And why is it important? Because all of the turmoil affecting our bodies' winds up directly affecting our thinking processes, our decision-making, our interactions, our very consciousness, and the entirety of results we produce in life.
And how do we turn it around? We turn it around (a) by broadening nutritional education on the individual level, (b) by being brave enough to challenge the giant corporations, which put their profit above our well being, and (c) by influencing federal and state legislators with massive educational campaigns. The squeaky wheel gets the grease...and we must speak loudly.
Quoting Dr. Robert Morse, DN, from his book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, "You must learn how to properly use the body for your highest good." That statement may be the most important thing ever written regarding nutritional education. Eating should be a conscious transformational process whereby we use the energy of living food as the foundation for the results, which we produce in life.
Living consciously, knowing that our daily individual decisions make a difference, knowing that we can no longer afford the luxury of ignorance, will make the final difference in our stability as a society.
And who knows... cleaning up our bodies just may directly impact world peace.
Such a goal!

Doug Hines, from Hagerstown, is a student at Clayton College of Natural Health. This article is published with his permission.

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