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Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! A Reflection Of Their Love!

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
A Reflection Of Their Love!

One thing often noted at a Habitat-built house is volunteer after volunteer writing on the house! Sharpies! Crayons! Chalk! Pencils! Anything that writes! Some write on the rafters! Some write on walls before the insulation is installed! Some write on the roof before the shingles go on! Some write on the outside walls before the last piece of siding has been installed! But be assured all, or nearly all, the volunteers have left a name or message! Names! Love notes! Names! Biblical verses! Names! Prayers! Names! Slogans! Names! Witty sayings! Names and more Names!
That's what can be found under the siding on Habitat for Humanity homes! You may ask, "Why do they do that?" It may seem like a simple, and even childish thing, but the meaning is far deeper than that! It is a way the many volunteers working on that home show their emotions!
There are some signing their names because they have done something they never thought they would be able to do! They have pride in what they have learned on the job site and what they were able to accomplish. It is their statement, "Look at me!"
Others have worked long and hard, praying daily for the successful completion of the project. So now is the time to write a prayer of "Thanks" or perhaps a Biblical verse, or a pray asking God's blessing on the structure and the family moving in.
Some others have developed friendships while working on the house, and sign together in an area where their names will be linked for eternity. Some of these volunteers travel from town-to-town to work on Habitat homes, and they like to celebrate the completion of the house by signing as a team.
Local Habitat volunteers know that the needs of these low-income families are profound. National standards for affordable housing is no more than 30% of gross income. Most often, these families are unable to find a decent place to live because the cost is more than 30%. When this occurs, the families often have to move into sub-standard housing, leaving little for food, clothing, health care or other necessities.
These volunteers have worked alongside the members of the family who would move into that home! They made new friends! They knew of their problems! They shared in the excitement and joy of that family as they were seeing their dream of home ownership come to fruition! They laughed with them! They cried with them! They prayed with them! So they developed a feeling of belonging to that home as well! They gave much as volunteers to help in its construction, so it is only natural that they wanted leave something of themselves behind even if it was only their name and a brief message! That was a reflection of their love!
Why don't you sign your name on the next Habitat home in Washington County? You can, you know! Just call 301-791-9009 to sign up and show a reflection of your love!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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