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Turning the Page on Tradition?

Turning the Page on Tradition?

(NewsUSA)- With the frantic pace of modern life, many beloved family traditions are falling by the wayside. A recent survey commissioned by the KN Karen Neuburger lifestyle brand found that nearly 46 percent of parents surveyed admit to reading to their children less than their own parents read to them.
In today's technology-dominated world, it's not surprising that the biggest culprit for the lack of bedtime reading is the television. More than 42 percent of parents are more likely to watch television than to read to their children at bedtime. Additionally, 71 percent of parents say their children commonly watch television the hour before they go to bed.
"Parents today are busier than ever," said Lisa Bazinet, vice president of Karen Neuburger, Ltd. "Between working all week and shuffling their kids to various activities, today's families are simply too exhausted for bedtime stories."
For a child, the time spent reading with a parent is critical in developing listening, vocabulary and language skills. The following "Books at Bedtime Tips," provided by KN Karen Neuburger, are designed to help you develop a healthy bedtime routine that includes reading at the end of the day:
* Create a comfort zone for your child. A regular bedtime routine helps your child fall asleep and wake up refreshed. Start your family bedtime routine at the same time every night, including brushing teeth, putting on comfortable pajamas and reading together for 10 to 15 minutes.
* Improve literacy skills and create a lifelong love for books. Children who read at home are better readers and have higher math scores. By reading to your child consistently, you are able to identify concepts they may be struggling with.
* Create and share a family library. Studies show that having access to a wide variety of reading materials is essential for growing your child into a strong reader. Use reading at bedtime as an opportunity to try different types of books or magazines. For more bedtime reading tips and more information, visit

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