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The Right Steps: The Introduction

The Right Steps
The Introduction

I would like to thank the Picket News for the opportunity to introduce Safe Haven Counseling Center to Washington and surrounding county residents. Safe Haven Counseling Center is a privately owned, treatment center located at 111 W. Washington Street, Hagerstown, Maryland. Safe Haven Counseling Center has been providing substance abuse treatment to adults and adolescents at this location since 2005.
Treatment at Safe Haven's Center is directed to clinical excellence, cost- effective services that will make treatment available to help individuals who seek a new and healthy way of life. Safe Haven operates under the philosophy that alcoholism and other drug dependencies are primary and progressive diseases with unknown etiology. They are at present incurable, but they are eminently treatable. This disease affects all aspects of an individual's life- physical, emotional, and spiritual. We believe that treatment for the disease of addiction must focus on abstinence and must help people learn to deal with every aspect of their lives without using alcohol or drugs. To accomplish this, treatment at Safe Haven consists of excellent clinical commitment, education regarding the disease and its effects on a person's functioning, involvement of family members and an active involvement with self-help groups.
Our staff understands from experience that the disease of addiction is stubborn therefore making relapse frequent during treatment. Individuals deserve opportunities to reenter treatment as long as they show motivation to get well, or as long as the opening exists for that motivation to be cultivated. Few individuals recover in a "straight line" even when they are motivated for recovery. We also understand chemical dependency is a family disease. Having families engage in the recovery process enhances the potential for the chemically dependent person to maintain sobriety and to successfully complete treatment. Treatment at Safe Haven will provide education, counseling and continuing care services (or referral) for all those affected by the chemical dependency of a loved one.
Safe Haven's primary objective is to reintegrate the client into his/her family and community systems as soon as possible clean and sober. Safe Haven Counseling Center's drug and alcohol program services two separate groups. Adult services consist of intensive outpatient, outpatient, and aftercare treatment. DWI/DUI 12 hour/26 weeks, individual, and family treatment along with urine toxicology screening. Adolescent services consist of intensive outpatient, outpatient and aftercare treatment, individual and family treatment along with random urine toxicology screening.
To schedule an evaluation or to visit Safe Haven Counseling Center we can be reached at 301-766-7214.
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm
You can also visit us at .

We're happy to announce Safe Haven Counseling Center will appear monthly in the Picket News. Have a question regarding alcohol or drugs? Have a comment? Email us at

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