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Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! Home Is A Place Of Memories

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
Home Is A Place Of Memories

Home is where special moments, rituals and memories are created. Over the years these become treasures in our life. We reflect on the pleasant thoughts we had as we, and our children grew into adulthood.
Unless, we were from that segment of our society that could not provide safe, decent, adequate housing for our family. Then, those memories were fraught with sorrow. We experienced unpleasant thoughts of how terrible home life was for the children as they grew up.
There is a solution for that problem. It is called Habitat for Humanity. The local affiliate in Washington County is hard at work to change this problem. It's s goal is to eliminate substandard housing for all families. It wants to provide decent, affordable housing to all residents in Washington County. And, it can happen with support from the residents of the County.
Habitat for Humanity of Washington County is a Christian organization and welcomes volunteers from all faiths who are committed to Habitat's goals of eliminating poverty housing.
Children should not have to grow up in substandard housing. Housing where rats, and even snakes, invade their bedrooms while they sleep. They should not have to live in conditions where the wind can blow rain onto their beds. They should not have to live in conditions where the parents, in order to pay the rent, cannot provide substantial, healthy meals or medical attention for them. These are not the memories we want to remember as we grow older, and neither should anyone.
Habitat for Humanity touches lives. When people reach out to help others, they change lives. And when they help a family achieve the dream of owning a home, they cause a change that is truly profound.
But Habitat does not just "give them a home". The family must apply, showing true need, and if accepted that family must put in a minimum of 500-hours "sweat equity" by working alongside volunteers building their new home. Then the family must buy the home through a no-profit, no-interest loan provided by Habitat.
Building a home for a family doesn't just happen. This is a teamwork effort. It takes more than just the family, more than just the volunteers on the job-site, more than the Habitat organization. Habitat needs partners willing to contribute. Habitat needs you!
All donations to Habitat for Humanity are tax-deductible as allowed by law, and will be acknowledged with a letter you may use for tax purposes. There are numerous ways one may donate to Habitat. They include: Secure online contributions; building materials; land donations ( or land for sale at reduced prices); cash donations; stock and securities donations. You may discuss these various forms of donations by calling the local Habitat office at 301-791-9009.
With your help, some children of today will be able to look back, in years to come, and remember their childhood home as a pleasant place of memories.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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