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Fish News: Poquoson Reef Has Become a Reality

Fish News
Poquoson Reef Has Become a Reality

We have had a change in our speaker for our August meeting. Capt. Pete Bregant will be talking to us about tarpon fishing! Mike Meier will visit us at our September meeting to talk to us about the artificial reef program.
The Poquoson Reef has become a reality. A 150 pound barge was deployed at 37 12.048 076 20.415. It is great having another fishing location close to home!
It is billfish tournament time. On August 19, there is the Wine, Women & Fishing Charity Billfish Tournament: August 22-25 is the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament: Both are great events.
Club Sponsor, the Jil Carrie, is adding swordfish to their list of targeted species. For information on these overnight trips visit:
Aug. 13, Chris Boyce went buoy hopping for cobia. They saw 11 or 12 fish. They managed to catch 4 of them.
Aug. 12, after being blown out 3 days, we finally were able to fish the Dare Marina/PSWSFA Open Flounder Tournament. The team of Charles Southall, Hunter Southall, and Bob Manus won with a stringer weighing in at 17.16 pounds. They also won the big fish calcutta with a 6.83 pound fish. Charles said that they had a bigger fish that they lost at boat side. They caught their fish at the Cell on live spot. Richard and Brandon Bartlett won second place. 3rd was won by the team from York River Feed & Fishing Supplies. They also walked away with the Sponsors Challenge trophy. Milton Hudgins' team won 4th place and Steve Martin's team won 5th place. The Healthy Grin came in 6th, which was the 1st place of the boats that did not win anything.
Aug. 12, Darren Foster did some live baiting for king mackerel off of Sandbridge. They boated 4 kings weighing in at 20-29 pounds each.
Aug. 10, Steve Williams fished Back River Reef for a few hours. They caught 3 keeper flounder including Steve's 8 lb 12 oz fish.
Aug. 9, Jorj Head was running the Baltimore Channel looking for cobia. He did not have any luck with the cobia but at buoy 25, he found a triple tail ready to eat his bucktail jig. It was a nice one too, weighing in at 16.5 pounds. On occasion, we will see one of these critters floating under a log or something offshore. Not this big though. The last time I saw one this large, I was fishing off of Venezuela. This is the first one I have heard of up in the bay. I think that Jorj has the inside track on the PSWSFA Critter of the Year Award.
Aug. 9, Steve Martin fished Back River Reef. They only caught 2 keeper flounder. They did see a couple of cruising cobia but they did not have any eels to throw at them.
Aug. 8, Jack Lawson and Wes Blow fished the CBBT for flounder. They managed to catch 7 keepers with most of their fish caught on croaker strips.
Aug. 7, Bob Allen and Jack Lawson fished the 3rd and 4th islands of the CBBT. They came in with a limit of nice flounder. Cut bait was the ticket.
Aug. 6, Robert Smith and his son fished from the shore in Poquoson. They caught some nice puppy drum and a bunch of nice crabs. They then spent some time cleaning up the shoreline. Now, that is a great day!
Aug. 5, Bob and Jen Manus (the only husband and wife IGFA All Tackle World Record couple I know) fished the Fingers. They trolled up 5 dolphin.
Aug. 4, Steve Williams fished Back River Reef. They caught 9 keeper flounder up to 24 inches long.
Aug. 4-5, we did an overnight trip offshore. We fished the 100 fathom curve east of the Cigar. During the night, we had a lot of squid and mackerel in the light. We caught some and added to our bait supply. We caught a couple of yellowfin but no swords. In the morning we started trolling and picked up few more yellowfin. They were in the 65-70 pound range. Jorj Head caught the one that met the 70 lb citation minimum. There was a lot of grass and some boats bailed dolphin. We just trolled and caught a couple. We also picked up a wahoo. We had a number of billfish encounters. We flat out missed two blue marlin. We had a white attack the spreader bar without getting a hook in it. We then had at least 3 whites come in at once. Got hooks in two, landed one. Ric Burnley caught that one, his first ever billfish. Ric got to go swimming back at the dock. We did see one swordfish during the daytime. We got to see it free jump a number of times before it left us.
Aug. 3, Frank Kearney did some bottom fishing, probably in the area of the Norfolk Canyon. They caught a limit of blueline tilefish and grouper. Exact species and location are secret. You go Frank!
Aug. 3, John Hunt fished south of the Norfolk Canyon. They caught a yellowfin tuna. Other boats fishing with them caught wahoo, dolphin, and a sailfish. Overall, fishing was slow.
Aug. 3, Wes Blow took some guys out after croaker out of Huntington Park. They caught a bunch in the 13-16 inch range near the James River Bridge.

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