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County Comment/County Retirees, Employees Honored

by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

One hundred and twenty-four current and retired employees of Washington County Government, including a former County Commissioner, were honored on Tuesday, May 11 by the Board of County Commissioners at the sixth annual Employee Service Awards Breakfast, held at the Four Points Hotel in Hagerstown.

Former Commissioner Ron Bowers was honored for his 20 years service to the County. Other retirees so honored included Paul Prodonovich, Permits and Inspections, 29 years and 10 months; Roger Long, Highways, 29 years and 8 months; Randy Dick, Permits and Inspections, 28 Years and 2 months; David Pheil, Emergency Services, 27 years and 11 months; Nelson Lewis, Highways, 22 years and 6 months; Alan Davis, Human Resources, 21 years and 5 months; Lamont Burns, Buildings, Grounds and Parks, 19 years and 5 months; and Constante Paz, Sheriff’s Detention Division, 16 years and 2 months.

Three employees were presented with service pins marking 30 years service: Arnold Barr, Douglas Eccard and Paul Golden.

Those with 25 years service included Thomas Bikle, Denny Engle, Ray Gladhill, Manford Hart, William Morgan and Andrea Wyand.

Presented with service pins marking 20 years employment were Rocky Bishop, Terri Blair, Barbara Brown, Bob Davenport, Bill Dean, Denny Embly, Larry Everhart, Bob Farmer, Orville Helser, Larry Jessop, Terry Keefer, Kenneth Kitchen, Michael Knight, Johnny Marshall, John Mellott, Kevin Morgan, Kelly Reynard, Jim Sterling, Melvin Swope, Rodney Weicht, Terry Whittington, and Steve Zies.

Honored for 15 years service were Sherry Alidoosti, Brian Banzhoff, Robert Beckley, Keith Bowen, Kim Bowers, Douglas Divelbiss, John Easterday, John Kain, Guy Knepper, Doug Levine, Terry McGee, Janet Moats, Mark Mummert, Stephen Pryor, Jill Ritter, Jeff Shetron, Krista Shipley, Angela Smith, Harry Strock, Charles Strong, Terri Taylor, and Jeff Weller.

Those with 10 years service included Kenneth Barnhart, Debra Bastian, Karen Dickie, Randy Ganoe, William Graham, George Lashley, Marshall Maravelis, Sherry Marks, John Masters, Sharon Mellott, Carol Milburn, Frank Palmer, Craig Reid, Linda Reid, Ellis Snyder, Michael Ward, Christopher Weaver, Michael Wilkinson, Samuel Younker, and Tracy Zamora.

Five year service pins were presented to Pamela Ambrose, Scott Beckley, Alicia Bowers, Jennifer Bricker, Damian Broussard, Jamie Burkett, Evelyn Burnett, Line Cessna, Allen Creek, Clarence Davis, Jaime Dick, Pam Douglas-Grosh, Daniel Dwyer, Nancy Ecton, Craig Elwood, Edward Evans, David Fortson, Darin Grim, Christopher Howard, Joshua Jarrell, Christine Johns, Patricia Jones, Debra Kline, Randall Kretzer, Douglas Layman, Eric Leather, John Lum, Vicki Lumm, Kelly Mann, Laura Melville, Brian Merck, Michael Palladino, Mark Price, Richard Shilling, David Smith, David Socks, Linda Spence, Petra Stambaugh, Jeffrey Stanley, Tim Troxell, Daniel Watson and Bill Wivell.

The Board of County Commissioners started the program in 1998 to reward dedication and longevity in service to the citizens of Washington County.

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