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From Crib Sheets to Dorm Sheets

From Crib Sheets to Dorm Sheets
by Susan B. McConnell
Author and Counselor

Shopping for sheets and blankets for her room...coming full circle as parents. It seems like only yesterday mom and dad were shopping for nursery sheets and layette items as anticipation grew for the arrival of that sweet baby girl. Where did the years go? She quickly grew out of the baby bed and into a twin bed surrounded by baby dolls and stuffed animals and a golden retriever who would sleep at the foot of her bed. Then she needed a bigger bed, bigger stuffed animals, and a car to drive. Yes, in a few short years parents come full circle.
From crib sheets to dorm sheets,
Nursery rhyme books to college textbooks,
Night lights to strings of bright lights,
Pale pink dĒcor to hot pink,
Crying in the night to dancing late,
Similac (r) to Mountain Dew (r),
Crochet booties to leather heels,
Pacifiers to sparking lip gloss,
Lullabies to rap,
Toy telephones to cell phones,
Day gowns to prom gowns,
A bed full of stuffed animals to a single favorite tattered bear.
At least one thing stays the same...a cuddly teddy bear will be packed in her suitcase for the journey to college life, one from home that has been hers since she slept in the tiny baby crib as an infant. Tattered and dirty from cuddling, toting, traveling under her arm, sitting on the couch, sleeping under her blanket, absorbing her tears and pain, the old bear is still her favorite. "Oh, how I wish I could be that teddy bear, cuddled and packed for the trip to campus" one might say. Teddy bears have the best life because they can go wherever she goes. She is not embarrassed to carry the ragged stuffed bear that has been her constant companion like she is to have mom and dad hovering over her as she spreads her wings and declares her independence.
Now is the time to leave the nest and begin a new venture in her life. What will college life be like? Who will become her new friends? Will professors know her by name? Will she be able to get out of bed without mom's kiss in the morning? Will she have enough money when dad is not around to reach for his wallet? Will she remember to change the oil in her car? When she needs help, will somebody be there she can trust? Will she call home, IM, blog, e-mail, text or even think of her family back home? Teddy can't remind her of these things like mom or dad but he can give her a big hug and comfort her when parents aren't available. A million questions yet unanswered. Time will tell. My guess is that in a few short years, another shipping trip will be on the schedule for sheets and blankets ... this time for a new home, a wedding, a life she will share with someone else. Take care of her for now, Teddy Bear, and remind her to come home once in a while.

[Printed with Permission. Susan B McConnell,]

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