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Simple Ways to Organize Your Photo Memories

Simple Ways to Organize Your Photo Memories

(ARA)- A picture truly is worth a thousand words, so it's no surprise that at many special occasions we say "cheese" to a blur of flashes. But what happens then? If your pictures end up staying in the film container or on your camera's memory card, they don't do you much good.
There are several easy options for people to enjoy the long lasting memories that photographs can provide. First rule - taking photos is only half the work, to finish and get full enjoyment, you need to get the film developed. With digital cameras, be sure to label photos when saving to a disc or computer. Once saved, digital photos can be developed online or at your local discount store.
Step one is a great start, but many of us are guilty of letting those photos gather dust in a box or sit on the computer never to be viewed again. Why not take the extra step and organize them in a presentable way to keep on a bookshelf, coffee table or even to bring to work to share with friends? There are options today that make this easier than ever.
Some choose to keep photos only on their computer. If this is the case, make sure to name them appropriately so when you come back, you know what the picture is. This includes location, date and people. Try putting photos into a slideshow via your computer's software system so you can click through each series.
For most, viewing a picture on a computer is nothing compared to seeing it in hand. Affordable photo albums are available at many stores and come in many shapes and sizes. Pick one that is appropriate for your photos and start organizing in the order of your choice. Add personal touches like printing labels or adding decorative stickers.
If this still seems like a hassle, you're not alone. Whether you're a bride longing for a beautiful album instead of a DVD full of photos from the big day or someone who simply wants a classy and memorable gift to give someone you care about, Together Book is an easy way to create stylish photo albums.
Here's how it works: You send the company your physical photos and choose a cover color and optional stamping and slipcase and they do the work for you. Books are available in 4 by 6-inch and 5 by 7-inch sizes, hold up to 100 photos and start at $29.99. Each book is customized with care to order. The patent-pending binding process will preserve photos for lifetimes to come.
"I started Together Book because I was looking for a proofing product for my wedding clients. I needed a high-end way of presenting wedding proofs, and I did not like the plastic-sleeved books," says Phyllis Lane, professional journalism, fashion and wedding photographer, and founder of Together Book. "We worked to perfect the binding process to create a product that would hold together for a lifetime and lay open like a book."
Creating photo albums is a joy for every occasion, from school years, to graduation, weddings, anniversaries, vacations and more. Those special memories will be enhanced and bring your family together through the timelessness of a quality photo album.
A picture can speak multitudes but says nothing when stuck in a box or on the computer. Easily bring those pictures to life through a Together Book photo album. Visit, or email

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