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Clear the Clutter In Your Home

Clear the Clutter In Your Home

(NewsUSA)- As cooler weather forces friends and family indoors, there's no better time to tackle the home improvement projects you've been putting off all summer while you've lounged by the lake. Start out by tackling a few small projects that produce big results.
The projects below can be completed easily by using just one tool-the newly available Dremel 75th Anniversary Limited-Edition Rotary Tool Kit.
Dremel, the trusted name in high-speed rotary tool technology, offers the following project tips:
* Organize your closets. One of the easiest ways to make messes disappear from out in the open is to store necessities behind closed doors. To create more storage inside your closets, install shelves. Coated wire shelving kits can be easily custom-fit to your exact closet dimensions. Begin by measuring the width of your closet space, and mark that measurement directly onto the shelf. Secure the shelf to prevent movement and use the rotary tool with a cut-off wheel to make your cuts. Finish by smoothing the new edge with a drum sander accessory, and then install the shelf.
* Hide exposed wires. Add a touch of class, and safety, to your house by hiding easy-to-trip-over audio and video wires behind baseboards. First, mark the centerline on the back of the baseboard to serve as your guide. Using a flex-shaft attachment on the rotary tool and a carbide-sanding band, sand a recessed area to accommodate the wiring. Continue grinding the length of the baseboard. If the band clogs, clean it with a wire brush. Fasten the cords with tape to hold them in position. Drill and nail base above or below the centerline to avoid hitting any wiring.
* Remove scratches from household hardware. Get rid of age-revealing scratches from doorknobs, cabinet handles and faucets by buffing with a felt or emery-impregnated polishing wheel and rotary tool. For best results, polish slowly using gentle pressure.
For more household clean-up tips, visit or call the Dremel Experts at 1-800-437-3635.

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