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How to Increase Time Spent Enjoying Your Pool

How to Increase Time Spent Enjoying Your Pool

(ARA)- Pool season is short - especially when you consider that most people work during the day and the best opportunity to use the pool is in the evening. While you can't make the summer season longer, you can extend your time in the pool by adding light. The right lighting will transform your pool and patio into an aquatic oasis that offers ambience as well as functionality.
There are over 10 million pools in the U.S. without lighting. The reasons are abundant, including expense, hassle, installation and maintenance. Pool owners are so overwhelmed at the price of lighting installation they don't add it when the pool is installed; maintenance on lighting and electrical is expensive and dangerous so it's not something people want to attempt on their own; installed pool lights break, burn out or leak so they're inoperable and sealed over; or, an above-ground pool is set up so lighting it is not often considered an option.
"I purchased an above-ground pool because I did not want a permanent pool added to my property. I never even considered pool lighting," says Patrice Smith, homeowner in Chanhassen, Minn.
Regardless of why your pool doesn't have lighting, there's an inexpensive, safe solution for lighting your pool. The floating pool luminary called GlowBuoy; the preferred choice for above and in-ground pools, made portable and simple. This floating light is battery operated and can be recharged up to 1000 times for years of enjoyment. "I can enjoy my pool at night with my family. It's an ingenious concept that's very cost effective," states Smith.
For a fraction of the cost of regular lighting ($149), this rechargeable, floating light completely lights a 20 by 40 foot pool with a warm, ambient glow. Easy to use, just remove it from the charger, switch it on and toss it in the pool. The GlowBuoy recharges overnight and lasts up to 6 hours on one charge. A safe, sturdy structure built to withstand the rough-and-tumble of children, won't damage pool liners and won't fade from pool chemicals or sunlight.
Optional accessories are available for the GlowBuoy such as a hanger and table stand make it very useful out of the pool as well. Take it with you on camping trips to hang in a tree or take on a night hike. Use as a light on your patio or if there's a power outage, bring it indoors to use until power is returned. Depending on your mood you may change the look and feel of your pool with optional snap-on colored lenses.
When you're finished swimming on those chilly summer nights, warm up by a nice fire with a fire pit table. Set in the center of your patio furniture, in square or round models, made with copper and hand-crafted mosaic tile for durability and makes an attractive table during the day. There's nothing like family time around a warm fire roasting marshmallows to enjoy the summer.
Putting the pool away for the night is easier than ever with another ingenious concept, the H2O EZ-Fill Secure-Net. Above-ground pool owners jump for joy at the added security. Quickly and easily cover your above-ground pool for less cleaning and peace of mind. The cover zips off and on in a few minutes to secure the pool when not in use. The zipper and lock are bright orange for visibility and forces the removal of a ladder to help prevent accidents.
For more information and to order your GlowBuoy, visit or call (800) 733-2727. For more information about the Secur-Net, call (800) 797-3353.

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