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Fish News: State Records

Fish News
State Records

Two state records have been approved. Bob Manus' 65 pound 8 ounce snowy grouper is the new Virginia State Record. It replaces the 49 pound 9 ounce snowy grouper caught by Roger Burnley. Both fish were caught while fishing on the Healthy Grin. A 14 pound spadefish caught by Mark Ottarson while fishing at Wolf Trap Light has been certified as tying the current record caught by Austin Edwards at the Cell last summer.
The Dare Marina/PSWSFA Open Flounder Tournament will be held on July 21st with a captains meeting on the 20th.
Virginia's big billfish tournament is scheduled for Aug. 22-25. Visit for details.
The Children's Fishing Clinic will be held on July 14 on the James River Fishing Pier. Volunteers are needed. Contact Nelson Ortiz if you are willing to help.
June 24, Jorj Head fished for cobia at York Spit. Actually, Jorj has been fishing every day. This was his 12th straight day. He has been fishing all over, mostly for cobia and he has caught some most days but has been skunked on other days. This day, they caught 2 cobia. Neither was large. They kept one to eat and tagged and released the other.
June 24, Jim Fahy took his family out to fish for the Youth and Ladies Tournament. They fished Hampton Bar and the HRBT. They caught a bunch of flounder and every single one was too short to keep. They had plenty which were close.
June 24, Steve Martin took his family up to buoy 42 to fish for the Youth and Ladies Tournament. They caught 2 flounder one of which was a keeper. How large is top secret until the tournament is over. They also caught some croaker.
June 24, I got Tricia and the kids to catch some nice amberjack bait. I mean, Tricia and the kids caught plenty of croakers for the Youth and Ladies Tournament. None big but plenty of them at the Cell. Tried for flounder with no luck. The kids much preferred the croaker fishing.
June 24, Dennis Lane took his family out to fish for the Youth and Ladies Tournament. They fished Bluefish Rock and caught under-sized flounder. They moved on into the JRB and caught some croaker and good numbers of nice spot.
June 24, John Hunt fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught 3 yellowfin tuna and 1 dolphin. John said that it was a slow day for the fleet.
June 21, Bob Manus ran out to the Chesapeake Light Tower and had their limit of spadefish in short order. They then ran in and set up at the Rock Pile and caught a 42 inch cobia.
June 20, I went cobia fishing with Jorj Head. We set up off of Back River somewhere. We did not catch any cobia. Had one eel picked up which may have been a cobia but whatever it was just dropped it. Jorj caught some bluefish and a number of flounder in the chum slick. None of the flounder were large enough to keep. Tim Hatok was also out there on a hill further out than us. He and his wife, Amy, had the same luck Jorj and I had.

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