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Alert to Pet Owners: Hot Weather Can Kill Your Pets

Alert to Pet Owners
Hot Weather Can Kill Your Pets

Hagerstown, MD- With the temperatures reaching the high nineties it is imperative all pet owners keep their pets out of the elements.
Please remember these rules of thumb for the summer weather:
1. Never leave your pet in the car. Temperatures can quickly reach dangerous levels in an enclosed vehicle, even if it is in the shade with the windows left open an inch or two.
2. Always have plenty of water available. Pets can dehydrate, just as we can, so be sure to check the water bowls several times throughout the day and make sure they are filled.
3. Pets get sunburned also. Animals with light skin and hair easily burn so be careful about leaving them in the direct sun. Also remember that if you have your dog shaved for the summer months, the exposed areas can become sunburned.
4. Clean up your garage and be aware of fluids near cars. This may be fatal if the fluid contains antifreeze. So keep pets close by you when walking them outside and keep them in confined areas that you know are safe from hazards such as antifreeze and pesticides.
5. Your pet needs to take it easy in the hot weather. Do not let your pet overexert themselves in the hot weather. Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke and dehydration, which can be fatal.
6. Keep your pets inside in the hot weather. Even the shade can be too hot for your animals so keep them safe and inside. Some breeds of dogs such as pugs and bulldogs have a difficult time staying cool because they have short snouts. Overweight animals also overheat more rapidly due to the extra fat they have on their bodies.
7. Animals suffer from heatstroke also. If your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms get them to a veterinarian immediately:
* Excessive panting
* Dry mouth
* Dry nose
* Tongue hanging out excessively
* Confusion
* Vomiting
* Loss of skin elasticity
* Sunken eyes
For more information call the Humane Society of Washington County at 301-733-2060 x237.

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