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Wisdom From a Furry Friend: Warm and Sunny Summer Greetings from Jacob

Wisdom From a Furry Friend
Warm and Sunny Summer Greetings from Jacob

Good day. My name is Jacob and I am a lovely adult cat living at the Humane Society of Washington County. I came here because my former owners were moving and couldn't take me along with them.
I am used to children because I lived with a child that was 5 years old and another that was 11 years old. My fur is a beautiful mix of buff and white and I have bright yellow eyes. I have been told I have a very sweet expression and that my eyes draw people in with their kindness. That would make me blush if I could.
Although I am used to a good bit of activity, I am a quiet cat that likes to relax and enjoy the sunshine. I also like it when people pay attention to me. I am here to meet you and I would love to join your family if you think you might want me to do that.
Before you come to visit me I wanted to talk to you about something. I know my friend Emma talked about the many potential summer hazards out there for pets so I don't want to nag but I want to remind you of a few things to help us all have a wonderful and safe summer.
Never leave us in the car. I know you have heard it before but cars really do heat up very quickly and we can die if we get overheated. So don't leave us in the car, even in the shade. And in fact, my fellow feline friends should be kept indoors in hot weather.
Be sure to always have plenty of water for us. When you take my dog friends out for a walk, take a small container of water with a little bowl for them to drink out of so they don't get dehydrated.
Did you know that both cats and dogs can get sunburned? That doesn't mean you can use people sunscreen on us. Chemicals that don't affect people at all may be very dangerous to us. So be sure to read labels and check with your vet before you use anything on us.
Did you know that some gardens can be a hazard to dogs and cats? Compost piles, some types of mulch and even some plants can be very dangerous. So be very careful and make sure the things you are putting into your garden are pet safe.
Well, thank you for reading about some of the dangers us pets face during the summer months. Be sure to be aware of what we are doing and getting into in the house and garden.
Have a safe and happy summer and I hope you will come take me home with you soon. I would love to sit in the window and watch the birds fly outside. I am waiting for you at the Humane Society of Washington County on Maugansville Road in Hagerstown.

The Humane Society of Washington County exists to improve the quality of life for all animals. Through education, legislation, action and leadership, we strive to eliminate overpopulation and to foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion. 301-733-2060.

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