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Fish News: Tournaments & Clinics

Fish News
Tournaments & Clinics

The Dare Marina/PSWSFA Open Flounder Tournament will be held on July 21st with a captains meeting on the 20th.
Virginia's big billfish tournament is scheduled for Aug. 22-25. Visit for details.
The Children's Fishing Clinic will be held on July 14 on the James River Fishing Pier. Volunteers are needed. Contact Nelson Ortiz if you are willing to help. Nelson will have a sign-up sheet at our June 19 meeting.
June 11, Dr. Bob Allen and Jack Lawson drifted Bluefish Rock for flounder. They caught a bunch. They caught over 40 flounder but only 7 of those were long enough to keep.
June 7, John Hunt fished out of Oregon Inlet. They had a lot of action. They ended up boating 5 yellowfin tuna and 5 gaffer dolphin. Other fish were lost due to "issues".
June 6, Wes Blow tried for cobia near Back River. He caught a houndfish. He ended up running to 9-Foot-Shoal where he caught a nice red drum.
June 2, Jeff Elmore weighed in a 46.5 pound cobia caught off of Back River.
June 2, Gary and Barbara Donaldson fished for flounder at Back River Reef. They managed to catch 3 keepers. Barbara's 22-inch fish was the largest.
June 2, Tim Hatok fished the Poquoson Flats for puppy drum. They caught a bunch and then got treated to a fireworks show.
June 2, Dick and Kathy Harris fished on the Miss Hatteras. They caught a load of triggerfish and vermillion snapper.
June 2, I went out with my wife, Tricia, out for her first drum trip of the year. Charles Southall and David Brabrand also came along. Neither Tricia nor David had ever caught a citation-sized red drum before. We started out at buoy 13 where we had a multiple hook-up. Tricia caught a 48 inch black drum, David caught a 46 inch black drum, and Charles broke his off. The only problem with the blacks is that Tricia kept eating the bait. We were using chowder clams. Tricia had her black so we ran over to 9-foot-shoal and had no problem finding the red drum. David caught a 49 inch fish, Tricia caught a 48 inch red, and Charles caught a 45.5 inch red. All of the drum were tagged and released. Mission accomplished, we ran in and got home before the rain started. The reds were caught on peelers.
May 31, Bob Manus fished near buoy 13. They ended up releasing two citation-sized black drum.
May 31, Jorj Head fished for drum. They started out near buoy 13 where Alan Meetze caught his first-ever drum. It was a 53-inch black, which he released for a citation. They then moved over to 9-Foot-Shoal where they caught 6 red drum and another black drum. Everyone on board registered at least one red drum citation.

May 30, David Brabrand fished near buoy 13. They caught and released 3 black drum.

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