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Fish News: Plenty of Fish

Fish News
Plenty of Fish

Pretty much all of the inshore fish are biting right now. I have not heard of any rod and reel catches of cobia yet but they have been caught inside the bay by commercial gear. Rod and reel catches should be taking off soon. Sheepshead have joined the action in the bay. Spadefish have arrived in force with fish being caught at the Chesapeake Light Tower, along the islands of the CBBT, and up at the Cell. I guess the only fish we are waiting for are Spanish mackerel. Big red drum continue to be caught on 9-Foot-Shoal and black drum are being caught at buoys 13 and 16. Some black drum have shown at the islands of the CBBT and have been caught by anglers casting for striped bass. Flounder fishing has been hit and miss. Plenty of fish are being caught but many are under the 18.5-inch minimum.
Virginia's big billfish tournament is scheduled for Aug. 22-25. Visit for details.
Justin Hurst will be the speaker at our next meeting on June 19. He will be talking about catching big sheepshead.
May 28, Barclay Shepard fished near buoy 13. They registered four black drum release citations. The fish were caught on sea clams.
May 28, Capt. Max King fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught yellowfin tuna and two big eyes weighing in at 176 and 193 pounds. Back home, they had to use a tractor to get the fish out of the boat. The big tuna took almost 3 hours to land on a 50W.
May 27, Wes Blow fished near buoy 16 for black drum and caught stingrays. He then went to the CBBT where he caught flounder up to 20.5 inches long. He also caught a northern stargazer.
May 27, Steve Martin fished near Back River Reef. He caught 6 keeper flounder in the 20-22 inch range. He was using bluefish strips for bait.
May 27, Phillip Neill caught flounder up to 24 inches long fishing near buoy 40.
May 26, I went out with Charles and Hunter Southall on their boat. We fished near buoy 13. Hunter caught our only drum, his first black drum citation. We were fishing with clam but I had one rod baited with a live hard crab. That rod went screaming. I had no idea what could move that fast in the bay, I was just holding on. Then a porpoise comes flying out of the water. I have no idea what it is with me and those things. We've hooked two while swordfishing off of Virginia. We hooked one in Panama. Now, I hook one in the bay on a crab sitting on the bottom. Luckily the hook pulled after an impressive jump.
May 25, Frank Kearney fished the Triangle Wrecks. It was slow. They caught 15 nice sea bass and zero tautog. They did see some spadefish finning around on the surface.
May 24, Tim Hatok fished the flats and along Buckroe. They caught 3 rockfish, 1 puppy drum, some croaker, and about 30 flounder. None of the flounder were long enough to keep.

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