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Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives! You Don't Need To Know How To Drive A Nail!

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives!
You Don't Need To Know How To Drive A Nail!

You might ask "How can I volunteer to help build a house, when I can't drive a nail?" It's simply because volunteers for Habitat for Humanity of Washington County are needed in many areas to help build that house. But if you are interested in driving nails, then there are many trained volunteers willing to teach you.
Some of these volunteers may never even visit the site where the house is being built. "Then, how would I be building a house?" you might ask. Well, there are needs for many volunteers on related tasks even before a hammer strikes that first nail.
Let's look at a few of them! You may be just the person to work with the family applicants by assisting and counseling them through the application process. Or you may be the one to guide the selected family through the stresses of construction, closing, and work closely with the family as it settles into its new home and community.
And before the home can be built, a site must be selected. Perhaps your expertise could be utilized by the committee responsible for site selection. This committee works with the Building Committee to evaluate the suitability of potential sites prior to acquisition, and is responsible for zoning, subdivision and annexation issues that arise.
The Building Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the construction of the homes. There are many areas in this committee needing volunteers. They include obtaining the house plans, soliciting professional help and donations of building materials, supervising volunteers on the work-site, and supervision of the construction process. Here you may even learn to drive a nail, if you don't already have that ability.
Habitat for Humanity International was founded as an ecumenical Christian ministry that welcomes to its work all people dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. The Faith In Action Committee is responsible for anchoring our affiliate in our Christian mission through leadership and education. Without having to drive a nail, you could help this committee as it seeks to bring churches into the work of the affiliate, and develop activities to provide churches and volunteers with the opportunity to express their faith through action.
Each spring, Habitat for Humanity of Washington County holds a dinner auction to raise construction funds. More than 500 tickets are sold for this festive fundraiser. Many volunteers are needed to help with this activity to acquire auction items, solicit for sponsors, decorate the facility, plan the menu, handle the mailing of invitations, tickets, and thank-you letters. This committee works closely with the Public Relations Committee.
And the Public Relations Committee is responsible for educating and informing the public about Habitat's mission and the work it accomplishes. This requires volunteers interested in working on newsletters, taking messages to organizations as part of Habitat's speakers bureau, assisting at trade shows and other exhibits, working on media opportunities with the newspapers, TV and radio stations, and assisting with special projects.
Yes, there are many opportunities to volunteer! Everyone has some special talent, which could be used to help build another affordable home for a family in need. If you can swing a hammer and drive a nail, Habitat can use you. But if you don't have that ability, Habitat can use you too!
Remember, Habitat homes are build by volunteers working in many areas. Share your talents and abilities with Habitat. Call 301-791-9009 to volunteer today!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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