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How to Install Wide Plank Wood Floors over Concrete

How to Install Wide Plank Wood Floors over Concrete

(ARA)- Wood over concrete? Yes, it can be done! For the longest time, homeowners were warned that wide plank wood floors installed over concrete would result in moisture problems. But that's not so anymore. A concrete sub-floor is no reason to deny yourself beautiful wood floors. Nowadays, they can go virtually anywhere.
It is true that wood is affected by climate change: wood fibers expand and contract with fluctuations in relative humidity. However, this movement and the resulting moisture problems can be controlled with proper installation techniques and the use of high quality wood products. "If you're going to be installing over concrete, it becomes even more critical that you understand what part of the tree the boards are cut from and the manner in which the boards were processed; both of these factors are vital to your overall satisfaction with the floor," says Chris Sy from Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring. He explains that wood cut from the center of a tree contains a higher percentage of vertical grain which makes it less susceptible to movement and thus a higher quality material.
Before you embark on this installation process, Carlisle recommends certain rules of thumb to manage moisture and ensure the stability of the wood:
1. Be sure the wood supplier has properly dried the wood. Carlisle recommends 12 month air drying.
2. Let the wood acclimate in the home or business for 24 hours.
3. During acclimation in your home or business, keep relative humidity at 45 percent.
4. Make sure the wood flooring has proper stress reliefs. (These ridges on the underside of the wood relieve tension in wood, reduce board movement, and provide a greater glue surface.)
For more information about Carlisle floors, or to access their step-by-step instruction book for more specific directions, log on to or call (800) 595-9663.

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