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Points to Ponder: Are You Chasing After Nothing?

Points to Ponder
Are You Chasing After Nothing?

It was in Rosemont, Illinois, March 3, 1995, when a 38-year old warehouse worker was walking to work. He decided to walk across the eight-lane Tri-State Toll way. Having made it half way, the wind gusted and blew his hat into the northbound lanes. So he turned to chase after it. A tractor-trailer struck and killed him.
Someone has said, "A person can lose everything chasing after nothing." There's a point we can all stand to ponder.
Maybe you're reading this message in the morning before you rush off into you day. Or perhaps it's evening, and a long list of the done and undone settles on your mind as you prepare to go back at it tomorrow. What are you chasing after today? Jesus tells us to seek the Kingdom of God first, to die to self and live for Him. And you nod your head in agreement while your life clearly tells another story. "A person can lose everything chasing after nothing." What are you chasing?
Some of us have Bibles but no time to read them. Word of God? Oh yes, but... there are things to do. Some of us have kids. GIFTS from God, right? Oh yes. How much time do you give to your GIFTS? So many of God's people claim freedom in Christ on Sunday, but then shackle themselves to the world the rest of the week. If you stopped and thought about it for a moment - is this a point YOU need to ponder? Look at your home, your possessions, your family, your kids - and yourself - and ask the Lord if you're giving up what really matters in order to temporarily hold on to so many things that really don't.

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