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Garden Gazebo Planning

Garden Gazebo Planning
by Mike Eggert

Imagine having a place in your own back yard where you can enjoy all of the beauty of the outdoors without leaving your own home. With the right design and landscaping anyone can with a Gazebo.
First, of course, is the amount of room you have to start with, a gazebo can be anywhere from an 8 x 8 foot, or 10 x 10 foot design and up depending on the backyard design you choose and the room you have for your garden design.
A gazebo is a free standing, open-sided, roofed outdoor structure that will serve many different purposes for you in the years to come. Gazebos come in various shapes and sizes and can be constructed from different materials. A gazebo that adds beauty and elegance is known as a garden gazebo, this type is often added to create a point of interest and a place to sit as well as a place to enjoy the outdoors. In most cases a gazebo is a hexagon shaped six-sided or octagon-shaped eight-sided design to give a round appearance. Once you have one, a garden gazebo is one of those things you can't imagine ever being without. No matter what your backyard is like today, the improvement it adds will bring added beauty for years to come, and in many cases add value to your home.
There are some simple ways to help make your gazebo the focal point of your backyard and add beauty to it. Build your garden around your gazebo instead of merely adding one to your existing garden. Choose flowers and plants of various colors and height that will give your gazebo a natural look. In most cases the plants should never be more than one-third the height of the gazebo. When designing your garden plan consider designs with lattice or trellises on them, having these on or around the gazebo gives a place for vine or flowering plants to grow onto, making your gazebo come to life.
First, you will need to decide on the material for your gazebo. Wood is the natural choice for most people since it sort of goes with everything around it. Cedar wood is by far the best for over all sturdiness - it may be a bit more expensive than pine, which is the softest and ages to a rich yellow, while the cedar will age to a gray-brown. Redwood is also an available and popular choice. Your local lumberyard is a good place to start looking for design ideas. Many ideas and gazebo plans are also available on the web. Wherever you choose to look, there will be many designs and kits available.
Once you have finished your gazebo you can choose to paint it, stain it, or just let it set and absorb the elements. With the advent of easy to construct gazebo kits building your own has never been easier. So you might want to get started planning your garden gazebo today. Once you have everything in place, you will wonder how you ever did without it enjoy.

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