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Suns "Scoreboard Cowboy" Makes Triumphant Return

Suns "Scoreboard Cowboy" Makes Triumphant Return

The Hagerstown Suns Scoreboard Cowboy has returned to Municipal Stadium following a year in exile. In February of 2006 the popular manual scoreboard operator was replaced by the "Scoreboard Genie". Unfortunately, the Genie was never quite able to fill the void left in fans hearts after the Cowboy's departure. This off-season the Genie sought to improve his status.
The Scoreboard Genie used his three wishes to grant Suns fans their top three desires. With his first wish he aligned the Suns with the hometown Washington Nationals. Second, he forced Suns management to serve the fan-favorite "Hager Brat" at all grille locations within the ballpark. The third and final wish was used for the Scoreboard Genie to recreate himself as the new and improved Aladdin Awards Scoreboard Cowboy.
"A lot of fans were emotionally devastated when the cowboy left. I commend the Genie for having the courage to turn himself into a cowboy," said Suns Assistant General Manager, C.J. Johnson. "Traditionally the Scoreboard Cowboy danced to Cotton Eyed Joe during the third inning. I guess fans will have to be in attendance at Opening Day on April 5th to find out if the new cowboy has the same musical taste."
Aladdin Awards returns as the presenting sponsor of the Suns manual scoreboard operator. During the 2007 season they will also sponsor "Everybody is a Winner" day at the ballpark in which the first 500 Suns fans will receive awards for being a person.
The Hagerstown Suns are a Class "A" affiliate of the Washington Nationals. Opening Day is Thursday, April 5th at Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown, MD. Ticket packages and sponsorships are available by calling the Suns at 301-791-6266. The Suns are owned by Los Angeles based Mandalay Baseball Properties.

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