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Fish News: Membership Dues

Fish News
Membership Dues

It is that time of year to pay your club dues for the next year. Membership will remain at $30 for 2007. Get your dues into Nelson Ortiz.
Our awards banquet will be on February 23. The banquet will be a little different this year, no buffet line. It will be a sit down dinner with a choice of four meals you will select from ahead of time. This is the menu:
Chicken Picatta $22
Prime Roast Beef $22
Crab Cake on Country Ham $25
Children's Chicken Tenders $11
Check out the Chum Line for a registration form. Register as early as possible so we can give a count to the restaurant. Contact Matt Rinck with any questions and to let him know that you are coming.
Jan. 28, we stayed inshore and fished for tautog. We fished the Winthrop and the Cape Henry Wreck. We caught fish on both wrecks for a total of 52 tautog. None were large. We tagged and released most of them. The guys kept seven fish to eat. Four fish already had tags in them. One of those was a fish that we had tagged just an hour before. I guess the tag-and-release process doesn't put them off of their feed too much. We also tagged and released a small black drum. When we ran out of clams, we left the tautog and ran over to the Cape Henry Lighthouse where the gannets were falling out of the sky. We quickly caught 15 striped bass, keeping our limit of eight fish up to 42 inches long. The weather took a turn for the worse so we ran on in to clean our catch. Fishing is good in Virginia.
Jan. 28, Barclay Shepard fished the 4A Buoy with live eels. They caught about 20 rockfish to 38 inches long. They then went to Cape Henry where they again caught rockfish to 38 inches long. While they were drifting eels, they dropped a flounder bait to the bottom and Al Brunnell caught a beautiful 26.25" flounder, which he released for his, first flounder citation.
Jan. 24, Capt. Jim Brincefield took a party offshore. The 14 on board caught 227 keeper black sea bass, 77 blueline tilefish, and 73 bluefish. Three of the sea bass were weighed in at 5 pounds or better.
Jan. 24, Ric Burnley, Dave Moss and a bunch of their kayaking buddies fished the Concrete Ships. They had good luck catching-and-releasing 40 something inch striped bass.
Jan. 24, Steve Martin drifted eels at the 4A Buoy and caught 8 striped bass from 34-40 inches long.
Notable Catches:
January 21
Hunter Southall: from Poquoson: Striped Bass: 42 lb 12 oz, 44 in, 44 in: Smith Island
Charles Southall: from Poquoson: Striped Bass: 48.5 in: Smith Island
Bob Manus: from Gloucester: Striped Bass: 44 in: Smith Island
Ken Neill, III: from Seaford: Striped Bass: 44 lb 3 oz, 46 in: Smith Island

Dr. Ken Neill, III writes a weekly column for The Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association (

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