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Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives! "It's Wowsville, Cool-Daddy!"

Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives!
"It's Wowsville, Cool-Daddy!"

"Wowsville, daddy-o, cool daddy, big daddy, wow, dig, crazy, hep, hip, allie-oop, like way out man, beatnic, hep cat, squaresville, man, kookie, swingin', itsy bitsy, crazy pop!" --These are words and phrases my teenagers used during the 1950s. They are words and phrases you may happen to hear if you attend the "Rock 'N Roll Thru The 50's With Habitat" annual auction fundraising event for Habitat For Humanity of Washington County.
Tickets are now on sale for this 14th annual dinner and auction scheduled for Saturday, March 31, at ARCC building, Hagerstown Community College. The event has sold out for the past three years, and may do so again this year prior to the March 16th ticket deadline. I urge you to call 301-791-9009 today to order your tickets. Cost is $40.00 per person, with $20.00 of your ticket cost being allowable as a tax deduction. Doors open at 5pm for live auction preview and silent auction. A buffet dinner will be served followed by raffles and the live auction. Your attendance will help provide affordable housing opportunities for low-income families in Washington County.
You will have fun as the crowd celebrates "50's style". You will have the opportunity to bid on some exciting items during the evening. For example, there is a Belize visit, which combines 5-nights at the SunBreeze on Ambergris Caye in the Caribbean and 3-nights at duPlooys in the jungle near the Mayan ruins. Other Caribbean resorts offering a 5-night stay are the Princess Heights Hotel on Dutch Sint Maartens; and Hotel Beach Plaza on French St. Martins.
Other exciting auction items include hand-painted furniture, paintings and signed, numbered limited edition prints by regional artists; autographed books; and many donated items are still coming in from retailers, manufacturers, resort areas, restaurants, and many other sources.
The funds raised last year helped Habitat to continue building affordable housing for low-income families. This year's goal has been set at $65,000.
But why own a home? Why not just provide safe shelter? Why home ownership? Most of those needing these homes have low-incomes and many even struggle to just make rent payments. How can they possibly overcome the issue of making a down payment? How can they possibly ever become homeowners? But even then, being a homeowner does not guarantee safe and decent housing. Often the homes that are owned are nothing but dilapidated shacks without plumbing or electricity. There's nothing safe and decent about them.
Well the answer to that is Habitat for Humanity. It addresses the critical problem of crowded, unsafe, inadequate housing for those living near and below poverty level.
It works in partnership with needy families to meet these housing challenges in our community. The homes are built with volunteer labor and the "sweat equity" of the approved applicant for home ownership. The applicant's family must contribute 500 hours of labor with Habitat before taking title to the home. Habitat sells the homes at no profit and offers a zero interest mortgage. Payments from the homeowners are used to build more homes.
And why home ownership? It's better for communities. A rental family moves more frequently, into and out of school districts. Neighborhoods with higher rates of homeownership tend to be more stable. They become people with a vested interest in their neighborhood.
You can help and have a great evening out. Call 301-791-9009 for your ticket reservations; or mail a check to Habitat For Humanity of Washington County, 20 S. Prospect St., Hagerstown, MD 21740.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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