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Families, Start Your Engines!

Families, Start Your Engines!

(NewsUSA)- A sensational chase for the victory lane, with No. 31 trading paint with No. 29 on the backstretch. No, it's not Talladega; it's your family room.
Slot car racing is hot again -faster and more thrilling than ever. Part hobby and part sport, slot car racing surged to popularity in the 1960s and then quietly faded. Today, it's roaring back with advanced digital track systems and ultra-high-performance cars capable of top scale speeds up to 450 mph.
For race fans, auto enthusiasts and families who love competitive play, slot car racing delivers all the heart-pumping realism of an actual NASCAR speedway. And with no "rainouts," it's year-round, everyday fun for all ages.
Carrera Toys is the best-selling manufacturer of slot cars. The company offers the widest variety of cars and track systems, including a digital system that enables up to four cars on a single track.
Carrera's Pro-X series tracks feature specially developed lane-change sections for high-speed passing and other tactical maneuvers. A full range of accessories allows you to extend the length of the track, as well as add flat or banked curves. An available pit stop feature creates a more realistic experience by requiring a driver to manage fuel consumption, just like the pros.
Carrera cars are available in 1/43, 1/32 and 1/24 scales of actual vehicles. The cars are fast; and a proprietary "magnet system" embedded in the undercarriage ensures exceptional handling for a true NASCAR-like performance. Many are equipped with front and rear lights and functioning brake lights.
Carrera recently launched its first NASCAR set as well as a custom Hot Rod set to complement the company's existing oval tracks and road courses. Other special theme and collector sets from Carrera feature cars ranging from classic Camaros and GTOs to new Mustangs and Corvettes, as well as Ferraris, Maseratis and Porsches.
The higher play value of slot car racing is pumping up enthusiasm for the hobby at home, pulling both kids and adults away from the virtual world of video games and back to multigenerational, interactive play.
"Kids love slot cars because they go fast and look cool," says Harry Wise, editor of homeracing "When children see Dad having fun with his friends, they want to join in. ...Having cars that allow them to be as competitive as Dad just makes it even better."
For more information, visit your local toy or hobby retailer or Carrera online at

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