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FlyLady: Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Many years ago I was blessed by the words of a dear friend. Her name is Rita Davenport. She had an infomercial on early morning television. I got up about 30 minutes before my family and I would turn on the television and listen to her 30-minute commercial. She grew up in Tennessee and her message was one of love. She sold her motivational tape series for what was an enormous amount of money for me. I don't quite remember how much it was but I saved up my money and purchased it for me. I got my money order and mailed it off to her.
The name of her tape series is It's Time for You! It was 13 tapes that I couldn't wait to listen to. Each one helped me become who I am today. I listened to them over and over again until her words became my thoughts. I put them away several years ago and forgot about them. Then out of the blue I found them and put them in my tape player and started to listen to them once again. The words I had forgotten came back and I realized where my thoughts had been kindled from her words.
One of the stories Rita told was about her father. He would always stop to help a stranded motorist. Rita would complain that she was going to be late if he stopped. He would remind her that one day if she had trouble on the road a kind stranger would help her out because he had taken the time to help this person. He would say, "What goes around comes around!"
This thought has stayed with me. A couple of years ago for my birthday; I made it a movie day and watched chick flicks all day. One of the movies that touched my heart was, Pay It Forward. So for my birthday that year I asked our member to be aware of the needs of others and when an opportunity arose to Pay It Forward. The stories would be my present. It was the best birthday ever. It lasted all year long and continues to bless me.
One story came in the other day and we sent it out to the world. Many times the only person who knows about the gift is the receiver. The giver rarely tells what they have done. They don't do the act of kindness to be seen of men. They do it because they feel the urge and they have to. I know how that feels. This is how our mentoring got started. It would have been wrong for me not to have done it. The urge is so strong that to ignore it would be like slapping God in the face. But you don't do it out of fear but out of love.
As our homes get in order we find that we are walking in an envelope of peace. This peace follows us and we pass it on to others. Isn't it amazing when we are no longer living in CHAOS that we can see, hear and feel the arms of God guiding us? When CHAOS reigns we are blind to the needs of others. We are surrounded by a fog and we are always so busy putting out the fires that our blindness has created. Once the fog has lifted and we are able to think and the most wonderful things start to happen.
At this time of the year we are into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Don't allow your busy life to keep you stuck in CHAOS. Slow down and smell the roses. Before you know it an opportunity to Pay It Forward will cross your path. Let's keep it going throughout the year! We can have the spirit of the holidays all year long. Pay It Forward, Pass it on, Random Acts of Kindness, What goes around comes around; what ever you call it, take a moment to touch another person with your love.

For more information check out Copyright 2006 Marla Cilley. Used by permission in this publication.

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