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Enormous Rescue Effort Requires Assistance

Enormous Rescue Effort Requires Assistance
Horse Property Seized in Western Maryland

At 3pm on Saturday, December 2 a warrant was served at 4040 Mills Road in Sharpsburg, MD by the Humane Society of Washington County and the Washington County Sheriff's department. The property has been seized and is being treated as a crime scene.
The action is a result of an ongoing investigation concerning the well being of 74 horses living on 35 acres. With the assistance of local veterinarians, local horse owners, the City of Hagerstown Water Department, Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department, Days End Farm Horse Rescue and the Humane Society of the United States, all horses on the property are receiving medical evaluations. Those deemed in need of further medical attention are being moved to another location for medical care. Of the horses evaluated on Saturday, seven were removed from the property with more removals possible in coming days.
"This is an enormous undertaking that will be ongoing," stated Paul Miller, executive director of the Humane Society of Washington County. "We have received a great deal of assistance from local veterinarians and rescue groups but this is only the beginning of what will probably be a lengthy investigation."
"We are currently in need of the following supplies: halters, lead ropes, water buckets, water troughs, round pens, horse trailers and panels."
Anyone who believes they have information that may be helpful to the investigation may call the Humane Society of Washington County at 301-733-2060.
If you are interested in helping in the care and treatment of the animals please send donations to the Humane Society of Washington County, Attention: Karen Swain/Horse Rescue Effort, 13011 Maugansville Road, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. If you wish to contact the HSWC please call Katherine Cooker at 301-733-2060, ext. 237.

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