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Fishing News/Big, Big Bluefin

by Dr. Ken Neill, III

Tuna fishing has been fantastic out of Rudee Inlet. The great run of big bluefin tuna continues. Dr. Wright got to keep his state record for less than a week. The fish are running from 70 pounds on up to one that was estimated at 800 pounds. Check the regulations. For reasons known only to them, the NMFS has closed down the bluefin fishery until further notice. So for now, it is catch and release only. To make up for the bluefin closure, the yellowfin bite has been very good. Fish where the warmer water crosses the 100-fathom curve. Lately, that has been at the Norfolk Canyon and down at the Triple 0s. Closer in, seabass are available on the wrecks. Big bluefish can be found at some of these same wrecks, like the Triangles, Ricks and Powell. Look out for bluefin in these same areas. Tautog action has been good in the bay. Schools of larger stripers are arriving. By Thanksgiving, the trophy striper fishery will be in full swing.

Nov. 16, Capt. Nolan Agner fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught 12 yellowfin to 50 pounds.

Nov. 16, Capt. Richard Bartlett took a charter tuna fishing. They stopped at the 10-fathom hump and picked up their one keeper bluefin. He then went on down to the 050 line and caught 15 yellowfins. Five were on the troll. The rest were on the chunk. (757) 876-5376.

Nov. 16, I went down to the 10-fathom hump and messed around with those bluefin rolling all over the place. We only caught one. Part of the reason we only got one was that Steve Powell wanted to try and catch something on his little rod. He did. After a couple of hours of chasing the fish around, we managed to slide it in through the tuna door. Back at the dock, it weighed in at 187 pounds.

Nov. 15, Charles Southall and John Costulis were again part of the winning team at the annual shipyard striper tournament. They caught stripers to 36 inches outside of the 4th island of the CBBT.

Nov. 15, Craige Stallings wired lined the CBBT with Bombers. They kept a 10 fish limit of stripers from 28 to 35 inches.

Nov. 15, Capt. Nolan Agner fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught 15 yellowfins and a small bluefin. All were caught on the troll.

Nov. 12, Craige Stallings fished out of Oregon Inlet. They ran up to the 850 line. They caught four yellowfin on the troll. It was rather rough and they decided to head in around 11 a.m.

Dr. Neill writes a weekly account of salt-water fishing throughout the bay area for the Peninsula Salt Water Fisherman’s Association (

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