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Points to Ponder: Join the Army

Points to Ponder
Join the Army

During the Revolutionary War a young man came to George Washington and said, "General Washington, I want you to know that I believe in you and your cause. I fully support you."
General Washington thanked him and asked, "What regiment are you in? Under whose command do you serve?"
"Oh," said the man, "I'm not in the army. I'm just a civilian."
The General replied, "Young man, if you believe in me and my cause, then you join the army. Put on a uniform, get a rifle and fight."
Many Christians believe in Jesus Christ and His cause. They claim Him as Savior, but they're spiritual civilians.
Jesus died for the whole world. If you believe in the General and His cause, you need to join His army. If you've dropped out of church, you need to go back. If you are attending, you need to commit and be involved. And if a grudge against another is holding you back, you need to settle it.
Just think, if during World War II the Allied troops said they believed in the cause, but refused to show up to fight, Hitler would have won.
Hebrews 10:25 commands us not to forsake gathering together as some do. And Jesus said that those who truly love Him, obey His commands. Churches have many faults, but could that be because so many of God's soldiers are Absent Without Leave? If you don't completely give your life to Christ, you are resisting the very gospel, which saved you.
If you believe in Christ and His cause, join His army. Be all that He meant you to be. Get involved in His church.

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