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How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Table

How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Table

Bring the beauty of the fall season indoors: Use autumn colors and the foliage and fruits of the season to set a spectacular Thanksgiving table.
Make or purchase an appropriate autumn-themed or Thanksgiving centerpiece. Use a traditional cornucopia centerpiece or an autumn floral arrangement. Scatter fall leaves and nuts around your centerpiece.
Use autumn-colored candles set in wooden or rustic metal candleholders to decorate your table and to use as a centerpiece. Arrange fall foliage, wheat sprigs, clusters of berries, nuts, and mini pumpkins and other seasonal vegetables around the base.
Use a large, hollowed-out pumpkin instead of a vase to display a fall floral centerpiece. Scatter sprigs of wheat, clusters of berries, nuts and autumn leaves around the base of the pumpkin.
Set your table with a tablecloth, table runner, place mats and napkins done in autumn-themed prints and coordinating solids. Use prints sparingly to avoid giving your table a "busy" look and to keep attention focused on your centerpiece.
Use napkin rings that reflect the season as well. Hand-paint leaves onto plain wooden napkin rings or use purchased napkin rings that have a similar motif.
Use your good china or dishes done in autumn motifs and/or colors that coordinate with the colors used in other elements of your table's decoration. Use clean autumn leaves as place cards. Rinse leaves and pat dry. Write each guest's name on a leaf with a black or gold felt-tip pen. Place one leaf in the center of each plate.
Tips & Warnings
* Keep nuts in the shell if using them as part of the centerpiece or for table decoration.
* Make sure that any foliage or vegetables used as table decorations are clean before placing them on the table or near food items.
* Keep your centerpiece small if your table space is limited. Remember that you'll have to leave room for serving platters, dishes and condiments.
* Keep the centerpiece at a height that will allow diners an unobstructed view of each other.
* Avoid using scented candles in your centerpiece. Their scents may interfere with the aromas of your holiday kitchen.
* Make your own tablecloth, napkins, place mats and table runner. These items are easy to make and add a special touch to any holiday table.
Overall Things You'll Need
* Fall Tablecloths
* Nuts
* Brushes
* Fall Vegetables
* Large Pumpkins
* Cornucopia Centerpieces
* Autumn Floral Arrangements
* Candles
* Holiday Dishes
* Miniature Pumpkins
* Candleholders
* Fall Table Runners
* Fallen Leaves
* Acrylic Paints
* Fall Napkins
* Wooden Napkin Rings

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