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Leadership Washington County Welcomes Class Participants for Student Leadership Program

Leadership Washington County Welcomes Class Participants for Student Leadership Program

The Washington County Leadership Development Program, Inc. welcomes the newest members of the Student Leadership Program. The 26 participants in the Class of 2006-2007 represent a unique cross section of students from each and every high school in Washington County as well as selected representatives from the student body at Hagerstown Community College.
Student Leadership Washington County was established to demonstrate the learning community's commitment to developing leadership skills in students. Consistent with the mission of making a smooth and logical transition into college life, the program joins high school students with college students across the academic year. Each of the eight county high schools select and send their student council president and senior class president, for a total of sixteen high school students. The College selects ten leaders from student government and campus organizations. The class is twenty-six members strong.
The goal of the program is to develop leadership skills in class members, which in turn, will be used to serve their communities.
The format of the program follows the Leadership Washington County model, meeting once a month from September through May. Each selected student receives 2 college credits in Leadership Development upon completion. The student program emphasizes the academic content of the Phi Theta Kappa International Leadership Program. The course also incorporates classic literature and films. The Grapes of Wrath, Moby Dick, Billy Budd, and Homer's The Illiad are just a few of the literary works cited and used throughout the course. Filmworks include Twelve Angry Men, Schindlers List, Dead Poets Society and Dances with Wolves.
Two trips are planned including a tour of Washington County and a trip to the State Legislature in Annapolis, hosted by the Washington County Delegation.
"The program is three years young and we're pleased to be joining forces with Leadership Washington County to create a synergy between the leaders of tomorrow and the leaders of today," said Dr. Vaughn Crowl, Professor at Hagerstown Community College and overseer of the Student Leadership Program.
"The Student Leadership is an important component of the new Leadership Washington County organization," said Cindy Kalkbrenner, executive director. "The students in the program have already shown great leadership in school and this program provides them the chance to take their leadership skills even further by gaining a better understanding of the greater community, exploring areas such as public policy, criminal justice, and cultural arts...concepts that are traditionally not part of the standard school curriculum. By nurturing their leadership, it is our hope that these talented individuals will stay connected to the community...both now and in the future."
(BOLD)Members of the 2006-2007 class are:
Steven Alter, Hagerstown Community College
Sherry Beer, Hagerstown Community College
Maiya Dacey, Boonsboro High School
Katie Dingee, Hagerstown Community College
Michelle Donegan, Hagerstown Community College
Lindsay Foust, Clear Spring High School
Holley Funk, Hancock High School
Erica Hernandez, Clear Spring High School
Jeanine Horst, Hagerstown Community College
Kaley Jenkins, Hancock High School
Toby Kercheval, Hagerstown Community College
Amy Matonak, Williamsport High School
Sarah Miller, South Hagerstown High School
Courtney Monninger, Boonsboro High School
Cody Moser, Hagerstown High School
Tabitha Myers, Technical High School
Umar Quadri, Smithsburg High School
Diana Reyes, Hagerstown Community College
Laura Schanno, Technical High School
Julie Sink, Hagerstown Community College
Brett Smith, Hagerstown Community College
Kelly Toms, North Hagerstown High School
Tessa VanHouten, Hagerstown Community College
Chelsea Weaver, South Hagerstown High School
Marc Weller, Smithsburg High School
Steven Younkins, Hagerstown Community College

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