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The trick to sending treats to our troops

The trick to sending treats to our troops

(NewsUSA)- Ask Deborah Crane, and she'll tell you that the trick to sending cheer to our troops serving overseas is to include lots of Halloween candy, masks, decorations--all treats that will put smiles on the faces of the soldiers who receive the special care packages offered by Crane's online business, Treats for Troops.
Supporting our troops by sending packages of goodies and love from home is Crane's passion. Over the years, she's sent hundreds of packages to family members and friends in the military.
But for the uninitiated, sending packages to the troops isn't easy. There are security concerns, Crane said, and "miles of rules and regulations and rolls of red tape," which Treats for Troops takes care of so the sender doesn't have to.
For Halloween, the company is offering a Halloween Party Pack with lots of candy and treats. There's also a Halloween Grab Bag--a colorful Jack O' Lantern drawstring bag that's over a foot high and stuffed with candy, cookies and spooky monster masks--as well as Junior Grab Bags and Big Bags including phone cards.
People who don't have family members or friends serving in the military can send packages filled with treats to a soldier, or group of soldiers, through Treats for Troops' Foster-A-Soldier program.
In addition to themed packages of goodies, Treats for Troops' online store includes many of the basic necessities that people serving overseas appreciate. There are comfortable socks that keep the feet dry, insect repellent, bungee cords, packages of batteries and zip-lock bags that protect everything from snacks to socks. Of course, the store also offers every soldier's favorite: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
While a holiday is a good time to send a package, Crane thinks the gift-giving should continue all year long. "Sending a package lets the troops know they're not forgotten," she said.
For information on how to send a care package and make a soldier smile, visit

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