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Homeland Security system wins Innovation Award

Homeland Security system wins Innovation Award

(NewsUSA)- Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, security, law enforcement and military efforts have been ramped up like never before. Much effort has been spent tracking and catching known terrorists and their supporters.
But there's been a sea change in thinking--a realization that prevention must play a vital role. It is no longer a traditional battlefield war. The fight can be anywhere and everywhere.
One of the big players in this proactive school of battling threats is Florida-based H7 Security Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Global General Technologies. H7 manufactures the Silent Soldier Surveillance System, an advanced early-warning system that applies artificial intelligence to threat detection and prevention.
It uses intelligent video surveillance to detect movement and track the source, then determines whether it is human or machine and whether it's a threat.
The Silent Soldier's capabilities have earned maker H7 a prestigious 2006 Product Innovation Award in the Field of Surveillance from Frost & Sullivan, publisher of the monthly magazine Homeland Security Alert. Frost & Sullivan provides its subscribers with a look at the latest products emerging in the marketplace.
Criteria for the award included: significance; competitive advantage; product innovation (unique or revolutionary technology); acceptance in the marketplace; and value-added services.
What distinguishes Silent Soldier from other security systems is its preventive approach, compared to the forensic or reactionary security measures prevalent today. It can be deployed in sensitive areas to access threat level based on predetermined criteria set by its programmers.
The Silent Soldier's remote-controlled, interactive system identifies potential threats, communicates with other local systems, performs threat determination, and automatically tracks the threat and relays all to a distant control center. Lone human sentries are kept out of harm's way, and the intelligence zone is greatly expanded.
The Silent Soldier surveillance system is designed to ensure the physical security of nationwide mission-critical assets, such as oil and gas installations, seaport entry terminals and military installations.
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