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Dress your home like you dress yourself

Dress your home like you dress yourself

(ARA)- If someone asked you to define your personal style, you'd probably have an answer ready and waiting. You might talk about the color palette you're attracted to, your favorite designer and whether you consider your style more formal or casual. But what would you say if you were asked about your home's style?
Your home should be an extension of your style sensibility and personality as opposed to looking like you walked into a furniture showroom and walked out with an entire suite of matching furniture. The best way to approach decorating your home is similar to the way you assemble your wardrobe: choose pieces that you love, that work well together and that fit your lifestyle.
"Self expression, so important in design and dress, is at its best when mixing traditional and functional pieces with a hint of glamour, one or two tasteful elements that can spice up a room," says Pasquale Natuzzi, designer and CEO of Natuzzi, a leading Italian furniture manufacturer known for innovative, high-quality sofas and armchairs.
Here are some tips for dressing your house so when friends and family walk in, they'll say "This looks like you!"
* Choose your overall theme- Chances are you fell in love with your house for its style, whether it's modern or traditional. You'll want to keep the furniture true to the style of the house for the most part. It would be jarring, for example, to walk into a colonial-era home and find '60s furniture. But you can throw in something unexpected.
* Pick a focal point- Every room should have one great piece that people notice upon entering. The Ernest sofa from Natuzzi is a great example of this. Covered in an elegant metallic gold silk-linen fabric, it is definitely a show-stopper around which to create a well-defined look.
* Play with color- Some people love strong, vibrant colors, while others are more comfortable surrounded by more muted tones. But just as a splash of color does wonders for your wardrobe, it also adds spark to a room. Giving walls a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to bring color into your decor. Your upholstered pieces can be neutral, allowing you to play with color on the walls and in your accent pieces. Natuzzi's Domino sofa in deep Mushroom is a great example of a fabulous centerpiece that will work with just about any color palette.
If you're style is bold and beautiful, then let your furniture provide the color in the room. Natuzzi's Frank sofa in bright Cayenne red with a polished steel tubular frame and legs clearly speaks to a love of color and big statements.
* Accessories complete the look- When you're getting dressed, you plan what earrings or necklace would look perfect with your outfit. Accessories are as important in completing a room. Everything from throw pillows to art to lamps helps create a total look.
* Add a trend or two- You don't want your room to be a mishmash of every trend that is featured in decorating magazines. However, adding a more current piece of furniture or an of-the-moment accessory can help revive a room that needs a little flair to bring it back to life.
Remember, dress your room like you would dress yourself, and you'll love the way it looks.

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