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Standing systems benefit children in wheelchairs

Standing systems benefit children in wheelchairs

(NewsUSA)- For a child using a wheelchair, life can seem very limited, especially in the classroom.
In addition to mobility issues, which have effects on health and overall physical growth, there are numerous psychological effects such as exclusion and stunted social development.
One method of overcoming these problems is with the help of a standing frame system or "stander." A stander, such as the EasyStand Magician from Altimate Medical, allows users to go from a seated position to upright with minimal assistance.
With the help of a stander, children can generally feel more included as they are brought up to the level of their peers. They can also feel more comfortable in situations that most abled people take for granted, such as hugs, conversing eye to eye, general grooming and any activity that involves standing upright. This can have a marked effect on their outlook.
"Many therapists and special education professionals have found that when their special needs students stand throughout the school day, those students are more responsive and feel like they are included more in the daily activities," said Nancy Perlich, certified occupational therapist assistant and assistant technology supplier at Altimate. She notes that using the device also is beneficial outside of school.
Standers can include a tray table that a child can use as a desk for schoolwork. They are available in static or mobile models. The latter can increase learning by encouraging children to explore their environment.
Aside from promoting a sense of independence and putting the child at hug level, using a stander daily can also have physical benefits, including normalizing respiratory function, assisting with skeletal development and improving digestion, muscle activity and kidney function. By using gravity to induce weight bearing, standers can help people develop a level of function they aren't able to achieve while seated for long periods of time.
Requiring only one person to help position the child from a seated position, Altimate Medical's EasyStand comes in a variety of models ranging from preschool to youth. Adult standers are also available.

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