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Fish News: Dare Marina/PSWSFA

Fish News
Dare Marina/PSWSFA

After being postponed for a week due to wind, some of the best flounder anglers in the state gathered to compete in the Dare Marina/PSWSFA Open Flounder Tournament on July 29. Over 100 people were at the awards party Saturday evening to see which of the 25 teams would be this year's winner. The food, drink, and great raffle prizes provided by the tournament's sponsors were other reasons to be at Dare Marina this weekend.
The winning team was determined by the heaviest, 4-fish stringer. There was also a cash prize for the single heaviest fish. There was a separate Sponsors Challenge Division for the tournament sponsors to compete for a large trophy and bragging rights. Sea Tow also joined up with a $200 prize for the heaviest fish caught by a Sea Tow Member.
The winning team was Get The Net captained by Ronald Key from Hampton. Their stringer weight was 24.67 pounds for an average of 6.2 pounds per fish.
Second Place was Door Matt captained by Matt Rinck from Poquoson. Their stringer weight was 22.19 pounds for an average of 5.5 pounds per fish.
Third Place was Hound Dog captained by Derick Hall from Gloucester. Their stringer weight was 20.61 pounds for an average of 5.2 pounds per fish.
Fourth Place was Daddy's Hooker captained by Skid Joyner from Poquoson. Their stringer weight was 19.45 pounds for an average of 4.9 pounds per fish.
Fifth Place was My Boys captained by Tyler Evans from Poquoson. Their stringer weight was 19.26 pounds for an average of 4.8 pounds per fish.
The Big Fish Calcutta was won by Get The Net with a monster, 9.36-pound fish.
The Sponsors Challenge Division was won by A & S Feed & Tackle who sponsored the Hound Dog team.
There was a tie for the Sea Tow Award. Matt Rinck and Derrick Hall each weighed in a 7.05-pound fish. They will split that award.
Most of the big fish were caught at three locations: the Cell, Back River Reef, and the High Rise area of the CBBT. Two techniques accounted for most of the big fish: wire-line trolling and fishing with live bait while anchored on structure.
The Healthy Grin team (Tricia and myself) did fish the tournament. Our 4-fish stringer was good enough for 10th place. Considering who we were fishing against, we were happy with that. We spent most of the day fishing with live spot from the 3rd island to the high rise. We ended the day on Cape Henry Wreck. We caught a fish or two everywhere but never caught a big fish. We did see a couple of really nice fish caught at the Cape Henry Wreck.
We may not be able to out fish with the great flounder fishermen but we can buy raffle tickets with the best of them. Tricia and I won a shirt and gift certificate donated by Wilcox Bait and Tackle, a rod donated by Bishop Bait and Tackle and a rod donated by A&S Feed and Tackle. Sponsors that donated prizes that others won include: Grafton Fishing Supply, Dare Marina, 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union, Bass Pro Shops, The Fisherman Magazine, Olivia's, Angelo's, Ken Houtz Chevrolet, Newport Marine, and others that I am forgetting right now. A complete list of sponsors will be found on our web site: These businesses support recreational fishing. We should support them in turn.

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