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Summertime and the livin' is...busy!

Summertime and the livin' is...busy!

(ARA)- Traditionally, summertime is considered a more relaxing time. But as moms know well, as soon as they hear the words "schools out for summer," the livin' can be anything but easy. While kids take it easy throughout the summer, moms have to step up to the plate, dishing up meals and planning activities.
Moms know it can be more difficult getting kids to stick to a routine during summertime than the school year, and especially hard to corral their children to sit down for a meal. When kids are basking in the hot summer sun, playing games, swimming and riding bikes, they don't always want to interrupt the good time they're having outside to come inside for something good to eat.
When summertime livin' becomes all too busy, moms need quick, convenient mealtime solutions with the flavor and variety of foods kids love, and the wholesome nutrition moms know their kids need. "Kid Cuisine is a great mealtime savior for stressed, time-starved moms, because it provides delicious, convenient, fun food that with the continued fun inside, kids will enjoy eating. It is a real meal made with quality ingredients such as white meat chicken and real cheese kids will really eat and with many essential nutrients, moms can feel good about serving," said John Plaso, marketing director, Kid Cuisine.
New Grip-n-Dip Chicken Strips Bound to Be a Favorite
Kids love dipping into the new Kid Cuisine Grip-n-Dip Chicken Strips meal. Chicken is one of the most popular kid-favorite foods, and these chicken strips make it more interactive and fun by letting kids easily grip and dip into the barbecue dipping sauce. The meal also features a portable fruit smoothie dessert made with real strawberries that kids can shake, rattle and roll at home or can take with them on the go.
The new Grip-n-Dip Chicken Strips meal joins other kid favorites such as All Star Chicken Nuggets, Pop Star Popcorn Chicken, Cheeseburger Builder and Cheese Blaster Macaroni and Cheese. The 14 meal varieties microwave in about five minutes, range in size from 6.5 ounces to 10.6 ounces, depending on the meal, and offer the variety to keep even the most finicky young eater satisfied all summer long.
Summertime Family Fun
Whether it's mealtime or anytime, variety really is the spice of life. This summer, try one of the following activities to add variety to your busy schedules and keep kids' bodies and minds active. Moms and kids alike will enjoy the extra family time.
* Eat outside. Switch up your mealtime routine by moving the meal to the backyard or porch.
* Explore the world around you. Set out on a "nature hike" around your neighborhood. Take a shopping bag with you to collect any "treasures" you find along the way. Upon your return, create a picture with the leaves and flowers you find.
* Dancer-size! If the weather doesn't allow for outdoor fun, turn on the radio and start dancing! Move from room to room, cleaning and straightening up as you go. Be sure to slow down if you're around windows or other breakables. The kids will love showing off their moves--they won't even realize they're completing chores. And everyone gets a workout!
* Exercise the mind. Create activities that are engaging, interactive and keep the mind in shape, such as planting a summer garden, researching your family's history, writing stories or joining a book club.
Mom "Me Time"
To keep from getting overwhelmed, it is suggested that moms invest in regular mom "me time"--time moms take for themselves. After all, mom (and dad) should be able to enjoy summertime too. Some ideas:
* Share the love! Rotate child-care duties among other neighborhood parents once a week to give everyone a little more time.
* Incorporate ready-to-eat meals into the family's weekly menu. This allows moms to free up time normally taken by mealtime preparation for other activities.
* Give dad his share of duties! Let dads take the kids once a week (or even more often) so moms can have a morning, afternoon or night out.
* Rise and shine! Set your alarm clock an hour earlier in the morning. Use the extra time to enjoy a cup of coffee, read the paper or check e-mail.
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